Indianapolis, IN new pinball league forming

Indy Area Pinball League starting Saturday Night 9-12-15 at 7:30p.

It will be at the Fish Bowl Club located inside the Midwest Sport Complex next to the Volleyball Courts at 7511 New Augusta Rd., Indy 46268.

This league is open to the public. They have a Full Bar and good Bar Food. Pizza at the Lounge where Pinbot is, Rocks. The cost per person is coin drop and may have a Bracket/mini tourney fee of 2 or 3 bucks.

On 9-18-15 it will be at Jimbo’s BBQ in Pittsboro,IN. Other Dates are 9-26, 10-3, 10-10 (Break for EXPO) and Playoffs 10-24
You only have to participate in one event to Qualify for the Playoffs. The league is not IFPA sanctioned, but the Playoffs are. This allows us to do some cool things for formatting and still earn WPPRs. We may even do a Last Chance Qualify night 10-23, but that will be determined later.

Please, Keep in Mind: this is a trial run and your input is valuable.

We can make it better. This is going to be FLippin’ Awesome. Bring your Spouse & Friends. The Fish Bowl is open to minors, but is a Bar.


Happy to see more tournament play in Indiana outside of Lafayette!

Well I’m unhappy to say that only two people showed up!! Doesn’t look good so far. But we will keep trying.

As a local I just heard about this last week. The person who told me had the same problem I do. The game selection did not do much at all for either of us. Rather difficult to justify paying to play machines while paying more for beer/food when our own collections are better. It is just as easy to host from our own homes which is what I did Friday night. Sorry to be a pita, but I’ve had the conversation twice now with two different locals.

So what are your suggestions? Yes the HUGE issue is we don’t have a good location in Indy, with a good selection of pins.

If we could find enough people willing to open their homes, that would be great, but there are these people. Your not a pita, this is the information we need to try to make a go of it.

I would also be curious who else you have been talking to, who are these other locale, how do we communicate with them?

What event did you host on Friday night, who was invited? Or was it just you and a few friends?


My suggestions? To do what we did in July. Host a tournament at a local bar using our own machines. In that case I helped setup and played tech for a tournament at the astriocrat. It was a trial run and as such we did not advertise widely.

How do you communicate with them? Word of mouth. RGP is on life support. Pinside has become drama filled so a number of locals do not use it. Very few even know this place exists. I was booted by IPPL years ago, but I know a few collectors won’t touch it because they say its all politics. The Fountain Square classic will bring out many collectors and a place to discuss this.

Even if you could get people to open their homes, few of us have the space/collection/condition to support league play. There are a couple large collections, but frankly most are not in tip top shape. Most guard their collectors because frankly there are some strange folk in this hobby.

As for my get together? Friends and a few collector’s I know.

Thanks for you input. But trying to haul games is something I think we all want to avoid, for a weekly or even monthly type event.

If we had a great location, like they do in Lafayette, then I think our issues would be solved. I don’t know about IPPL politcs, I just want to get pinhead together to play some pinball and have fun. Make it fun and people will come.


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Playing on games you don’t like is what competition pinball is all about! The added competition makes them fun.

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Maybe Indy should look into the co-op system…or everyone can come to Lafayette!i hope it works out with Indy.

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Plenty of midwest franchising opportunities still available. Sign up now at! :slight_smile:

Hey folks! I’m new to the forum, I just signed up to create this post. Been searchin for places to play… Have any of you been to the Shelbyville Skyline Drive-In? They have a small arcade in the back that is really new and sports 5 pins in really good condition:

White Water
WWF Royal Rumble
Star Wars
Jurassic Park

I’m not huge into the Data East pins but they’re still pretty fun and White Water is worth the trip alone. Yesterday was my first visit and I was really happy with the shape of things. Coin drop is cheap, staff is very nice. I’m sure they would be open to the idea of hosting a pinball league, they’re trying to get the word out and get attendance up. The machines are from private collections, I know that one guy does a lot of restorations, and there is talk of adding even more pins. It doesn’t hurt that the Drive-In shows vintage films, either!

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Man I really hate forum handles… So HotHamBoy, are you a member of IPPL?

Yes I know about the games and the owner of the Drive In. I was suppose to take one of my games over for the year, but I got lazy and busy and didn’t get anything over there.

They even did a nice free admission for Pixels for the group.