Indianapolis 500 bugs?

INDISC is planing to be featuring Indianapolis 500 with a software mod installed. This is hot off the press, and it is not dealing with all the bugs the game has. We know this.

The focus of this mod was first and foremost to make competition rules for the speedway modes. The game starts off at Dueling drivers and Light speedway advances to the next available one. The only bug fix is the position 1 to Victory lap one. With full disclaimer, subject to change and all that.

The author is happy to put in the time and efford to produce the definitive software upgrade for I500. But has nowhere near an overview of the bugs in the game. Please provide information on misbehaves, incorrect information etc.


Note. When considering what-is-bugs, this game is defined to follow the concept of showing objective scores in their 3x quantity, when 3x mode is running. Some games do not do that. Some game do. Indy500 mostly does, so…

The bug list

Souveniers are not awarding the progressive score as indicated.

After souvenir 10, a lit souvenir on the left ramp does nothing.

Super light-up mode does double scoring not awarded.

The Speedway Victory lap when lit blocks for Pass on the left orbit.

Go for the pole mode points: 5, 10, 15 and 20M. Display goes 5, 5, 10, 15 and then flicks 20 after shot made.

Dueling drivers mode does not follow the 3x playfield rule.

Change setup 10M award is only awarding 5M.

Green flag 6M+ award is only awarding a fixed 100K.

Super jets mode continues into next ball-in-play.

Super jets mode completion award to be had is not shown correctly when 3x playfield.

Go for the pole completion award is not shown correctly when 3x playfield.

Hit the wall award is not shown correctly when 3x playfield.

Change setup awards are not shown correctly when 3x playfield.

Change setup award Spot PIT lane does nothing.

Third ball search will release a ball from the Turbo lock. Should be in non-tournament play only.

The game can loose ball tracking on at least the following.

  • A ball exiting the Turbo upkicker onto the playfield.
  • A ball plunged from the Turbo upkicker falling back into it.
  • A ball released from the Turbo lock per ball search.

When this happens, the game may malfunction as follows.

  • Go to end-of-ball with balls still in play.
  • Not terminate the lock multiball when down to one ball-in-play.
  • Allow to start the lock multiball while Turbo boost multiball is running.

Soft oddities

Light-up target completion is a fixed award (5M). Whereas the build up award is progressive (1M times wave#).

Souvenir collection tiers to help Light-up target completion is for waves 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6. But not wave 5.

Victory lap stacking levels are 200M, 500M, 732M & 1B.

If lock lit, getting Light lock at Change setup gives nothing. Even when only the first lock is lit.

The considered not-a-bug list

Video mode does not follow the 3x playfield rule.

Left ramp advances 6 laps (3 times 2) when 3x playfield.

In Super jets mode, pops will make 3 advances when 3x playfield.

Gasoline alley mode has a 20M completion award that is only shown as part of the mode total.

Dueling drivers mode has a 20M completion award that is only shown as part of the mode total.

When 3x playfield expires, some modes will show “next award” in its 3x quantity. But eventually award the base value only.


The advanced Turbo lock mech consists of an upkicker to a release-all type “trough”. This means, that when cycling balls through the mech, it will have to release a locked ball, while the ball entering is still sitting in the upkicker. If upkicker opto fails and registeres incorrectly, this will have the mech release a second ball onto the playfield by mistake.


Not exactly sure how, but you can get into Change Setup, hear the sounds for it, control the changes with flips, but the game doesn’t display it on the screen.

Triple playfield scoring triples around 50% to 75% of the playfield scoring, including laps, but not everything.

There’s a multiball bug that I’m sure people here know how to set up and exploit, but I don’t have those details.

Super Liteup mode doesn’t really do anything, although I’ve seen people argue that it does. At the very least, the game should say what it does when you’re in the mode and maybe have a visible timer. Neither one of those things happens.

IMO, the ball save behavior where the left ramp flashing car acts as an additional ball saver after the regular “Shoot Again” one is gone is weird if not an all-out bug.

Apparently, there are display bugs when you get into the larger stacked (and multiplied?) Checkered Flag awards.

Not sure if this is what you were getting at with “position 1” above, but the game rips you off on the position 1 Checkered Flag depending on how you got there.

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Thanks a lot, Steve.

Was about to mention the Souvenir bug but just realized that you mentioned it already! Thank you for taking the time to do these updates–they’re amazing.

Lightups run like this.

1 Per target build-up (first three hits): 1M * wave#.
2 Per target completion (fourth hit): 5M.
3 Per target after its completion: 1M * wave#.
4 Completing all three targets: 15M + 5M * wave# and advance wave# and reset all target.

Completing wave 6 qualifies Victory lap.

Super lightup mode:
Scoring 1) and 3) are doubled. But for the displayed score only.
Speed up target indicator light pattern.
Runs for rest of ball-in-play.

I like to believe, that Super lightup mode was planned to make hits count as two. This can explain the double scoring. And it would make sense given the difficulty of completing 6 waves.

Scoring 2) is odd. As it is overtaken by the regular 1) after wave 5.


My gut tells me, that most of the 3x playfield bugs are display only. And that points awarded is actually correct.

Which raises an interesting debate. Should score displaying in general show multiplied scores, or not. I bet this differs from game to game. What concept to go by.

I would perfer to display standard scoring - with some everything is multiplied info bonanza. Seems easier to deal with. Plus, what to do with a multiplied “next shot is” info, when multiplier expires.

I’ll be happy to hear about specific 3x glitches.

I500 displays and gives triple scores for loop turbo combos, multiball jackpots, and other things like finishing super jets (90 mil). I think this is the way to go.

Things that don’t appear to be tripled are other timed mode shots like Dualing Drivers, POLE, etc. I don’t think Video Mode is tripled, but maybe the 3X timer is always timing out before the points would be awarded. I have no guess whether Pit Stop MB awards are tripled, but I’d like to know.

Agree on the ballsave point that is definitely a bug but it’s helped me out a couple of times also. I haven’t had time to test this but I think the way the game handles the tilt bob seems questionable also but I need to experiment with a theory I have on that first.

I don’t agree on this one. The flashing car indicates the skillshot - as long as it flashes, the skillshot is possible. Speaking of the skillshot - are these points rewarded? don’t remember it anymore

Yes. But the skill shot light should turn off either before the regular ball save light turns off or exactly when it turns off rather than after the regular ball save light, and the skill shot light shouldn’t act as a ball save light. So I500 can be like every other game. :slight_smile:

Skill shot is awarded, yes.

My rule is what you see is what you get. I’ll admit to being inconsistent with how the to be awarded display works though.

I think it’s most beneficial to show the total points awarded. I ‘think‘ the modern Kiss does this and shows the multiplier underneath the score but it’s possible it’s showing the number of points and telling you that amount will be multiplied by this number.
If I know I need 12 million and the display shows me 3 million and 4x it’s more brainpower needed to process than just showing the total and the multiplier.

The is an educational purpose of displaying scores that helps to understand the bloody-confusing thing we call pinball. That is where I see the point of showing non-multiplied scores. The value that an objective brings to the table. Especially for stuff like Munsters and Star Wars where the multiplier is an ongoing thing.

But, I see the other purpose too. Nice to see how you’ve beefed a mode out. Like Star Wars video mode. A point in the game where you actually have time to check out the display.

I say nowadays with a the real estate and resolution of the displays, there has to be a golden way of combining it all.

From my knowledge, it was a bit of a manual process to show multiplied scores correctly on the display back in WPC land. Ambitious. Sometimes it just slipped.

Speaking of Star Wars, I think it did a great job of exactly that (for modes at least). Show base value, show multiplier, play a little animation to combine the two, show the total score. If you have the time to look up, you’ll see exactly how you got the blowup you created!

This is not a bug, but it would be great if everyone started on the same mode if set to Tournament. Bonus points if this mode is randomly selected for P1.