Impact of top 20 on SCS

And all those completely authentic selfie scores /s

Still blows my mind that people can earn points towards a world ranking without anyone even verifying that they played the game or it was their score.


Agreed. Who cares if that’s an option with the min? If someone wants to go through all that to meet the min, more power to em.


The point is the rule would be pointless. Making someone go through some motions to easily defeat the rule isn’t worth the IFPA’s time to put into place.

I’ll volunteer to TD the 5 events from my couch in Chicago and have Werdrick TD the final if he really wanted to play in the NC State final.

With Werdrick hosting IL SCS he’s staying home this year.


So is the max. You said so yourself. And proved it with data. Haha

Just my yearly ball busting as we ramp up for SCS. Can’t wait!

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The perception of the max rule made it not pointless :slight_smile:


Exact same for the min. I need my placebos Josh!!

The max rule can’t be “defeated” easily because there’s nothing to gain by cheesing events.

The min rule is the easiest thing to cheese since the invention of cheese.

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Not true around here. Shady TD are running bigger events and those events are drawing more people chasing the big 20+ point win, since they can’t get by on just <10 point tournament. Total cheesejob :slight_smile:


To be fair, it’s a little harder to cheese than: anyone take a photo of yourself standing in front of a score at any time,and someone who isn’t even there can “verify” it. Also, there’s no way to vet who verifies these scores and no way to determine if the scores are even legit.


You can make a point without being a total jerk off

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My level of snark is in direct correlation to the amount a horse has been beaten to death.


Ugggh here we go again. Calling on the mods to stop this before it gets out of hand.

I’m hopeful the conversation can just move on, but a reminder to everyone to keep it civil in here.

Nope but I kinda want to just b/c it would be a neat way to qualify. I qualified in AL from a single tournament last year but will be staying in CA. I went to NV once when I think I may not have qualified in CA that year…

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