IFPAPA travel costs

For all those data lovers out there just thought I’d put it out there what I was able to get through Priceline. Please note this is for April 5-14th, not sure if rates/attempts could be cheaper or more expensive depending on the length of your stay…

car - $22/day for a midsize
hotel - $88/night at the Crown Plaza Greentree (401 Holiday Drive, Pittsburgh PA, 15220)…this was a 3 star selection

Can’t wait for the insanity!


Thanks for the info, Zach. I just booked an “economy” car on priceline at $21/day for IFPAPA. Perhaps $17-$20 isn’t out of the question even if Priceline claims a “low probability” of the price being accepted…

Good info. Is that an airport pickup on the car?


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Sure! The warning only states “Post must be at least 10 characters”. It doesn’t mention anything about “printable” characters or “standard” characters, so nothing wrong with blank HTML codes! (WAY back in the day, we use to do this when saving “secret” files on 5.25" floppies for the Apple II. You could add non-printable CTRL characters to the filename, and unless you typed in the name with the CTRL characters, you would get “File not found” even though it appeared you were spelling it correctly - bet the FBI couldn’t crack that code, either, LOL)…


With the CAD in the shitter I went the AirBNB route, got a 2 bdrm place for $111 CAD a night, when split with my buddy it’s only $55.50 CAD a night, can’t get much cheaper then that.

I actually have the room open for the IFPA half of the trip since he didn’t make the cut if anyone is interested.

Place is 20 mins out from PAPA, but I’m driving down so no issues on the car for me.

YOU FOOL! The Crowne Plaza Greentree is the old Clarion! One of the worst ever!

I know you had a terrible stay there, but I stayed there a bunch and never had an issue.

You got Girls Gone Wild, Last time I stayed there I had some baptist church people there :slight_smile:

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Has anyone actually stayed there since 2014 when it got renovated?

We’ll often get the Wyndham when we Priceline, and that hotel is pretty nice . . . before the renovation it was the Four Points which was ‘fine’.

Bridgeville Knight’s Inn “Pinside Basement” discounted block rate or GTFO

EDIT: Sorry for the spam. Point is to only stay at this hotel at your own peril.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Pal of mine stayed at the Crown plaza for Papa last year and liked it. Just don’t get a room by the elevator as it runs loud.

For the record I have removed the minimum character limit.