IFPA15 cut line?


Any predictions?


I’m going with Alberto at 52. I think the lack of PAPA this spring will keep the cut line from going too deep.


I just looked it over, and I get somewhere between Alberto and Adam. I figure there could be a few more Europeans who opt for Pinburgh rather than IFPA. I’m sure Adam will go, with Escher in the mix.


Points of reference (this is at the close of registration):

IFPA14 (Denmark) - Rank #69
IFPA13 (Pittsburgh) - Rank #52
IFPA12 (Sweden) - Rank #98
IFPA11 (Denver) - Rank #79
IFPA10 (Germany) - Rank #66

I’ve always assumed that the crazy IFPAPA week was about as low as the cutline will every get . . . the real question is how many Americans will forget that they need their passports to travel to Canada? :slight_smile:


… Or not allow enough time in advance to get one processed.


I’ll just leave this here for those that’ll need a passport in a hurry: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/requirements/where-to-apply/passport-agencies.html


You can get one in three days if you need it. Costs about $200 when I had to do it.

Edit: I think the cut line will be around rank 47


My initial reaction was the cut line would be low (high?) because for Europeans it’s basically a trip to US and for my friends to the South it’s almost like a trip to Europe since you need a passport.

As a result I was thinking the line would be somewhere closer to 100.


@BMU you declined???


Maybe if I hype it up with some PAPA Style after party more people will come :smiley:


I just got a text from Jorian. Based on that picture he says your Frontier is leaning just a bit to the right :slight_smile:




fuck no! Ironman has them, but they will be gone before IFPA, everything else is PBL Red Rubber.


Would be interested to see what country exemptions decline to attended, similar to the world rankings spots that decline, instead of them disappearing from the page


More declines than I was expecting. Looking like the cut may be more like mid 60s.


I see rubber that isn’t broken-in! BOOOOO!!! :nauseated_face:


Got you covered there too :smiley:



Nice! You even called it “Come Break My Machines”


Who had Rank 66 as the cut line?
Congrats to Lyman on last in.