IFPA14 Discussion (was session #1 groups)

For anyone interested, here’s the current breakdown for session #1 of the IFPA14 World Pinball Championship (subject to change of course with any additional cancellations):

Group #1

  1. Daniele Celestino Acciari (ITA)
  2. Michael Trepp (THA)
  3. Donavan Stepp (USA)
  4. Simon Haxton (NZ)

Group #2
2. Zach Sharpe (USA)
31. Kevin Stone (USA)
34. Nicklas Lindahl (SWE)
63. Bjørn Erlend Hellem (NOR)

Group #3
3. Raymond Davidson (USA)
30. Franck Bona (FRA)
35. Eric Asher (USA)
62. Kyoichi Miyaura (JPN)

Group #4
4. Jorian Engelbrektsson (SWE)
29. Levi Nayman (USA)
36. Damien Charléty (FRA)
61. Tatsunori Naruke (JPN)

Group #5
5. Cayle George (USA)
28. Ernö Rotter (GER)
37. Frederick Asher (USA)
60. Luke Marburg (AUS)

Group #6
6. Jörgen Holm (SWE)
27. Nick Zendejas (USA)
38. Dirk Elzholz (GER)
59. Jussi Rantala (FIN)

Group #7
7. Mats Runsten (SWE)
26. Colin MacAlpine (USA)
39. Peter Andersen (DEN)
58. Paul Jones (AUS)

Group #8
8. Trent Augenstein (USA)
25. Phil Birnbaum (CAN)
40. Jochen Ludwig (GER)
57. Eric Stone (USA)

Group #9
9. Julio Vicario Soriano (SPN)
24. Roberto Pedroni (ITA)
41. Jan Anders Nilsson (SWE)
56. Joonas Haverinen (FIN)

Group #10
10. Jason Werdrick (USA)
23. Lyman Sheats (USA)
42. Mads Kristensen (DEN)
55. Daniel Nowak POL (POL)

Group #11
11. Josh Sharpe (USA)
22. Paul Jongma (NED)
43. David Mainwaring (UK)
54. Ollivier Francq (BEL)

Group #12
12. David Riel (USA)
21. Adam Becker (CAN)
44. Peter Blakemore (UK)
53. Martin Janczyk (POL)

Group #13
13. Andrei Massenkoff (USA)
20. Markus Stix (AUT)
45. Taco Wouters (NED)
52. Tormod Pettersen (NOR)

Group #14
14. Greg Poverelli (USA)
19. Albert Nomden (NED)
46. Stefan Karlhuber (AUT)
51. David Peck (NZ)

Group #15
15. John Delzoppo (USA)
18. Robert Sutter (SUI)
47. Lieven Engelbeen (BEL)
50. Levente Tregova (SUI)

Group #16
16. Marcus Hugosson (SWE)
17. Johan Genberg (SWE)
48. Gabriel Ortiz (SPN)
49. Philippe Bocquet (FRA)


I see 6 or 7 known groups that I indirectly will have affected due to a few of these people staying up too late the night before;). Hope it doesn’t show in the results!


Will there be a broadcast for IFPA14 / Epstein Cup?

I believe there is a team of people dedicated to making sure we’re streaming. I’m a fan of quantity over quality, so we’ll air as much stuff as we’re able to regardless of commentary being available or not.


good thing we can hear Josh comments when he plays from anywhere in the building through the mic :wink:


Place your bets!


I don’t see you or Z listed; you two sitting this one out?

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We don’t land until Wednesday night. It’s an IFPA “work trip” for me.

Followed by Iceland “no kids” trip for me (and Crystal)!


bleu lagoon rocks!

Tickets already purchased!

I got 10 bucks on Trentaur.

12:1 odds on Eric Stone? I’ll take those odds!



Some standings

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any clue if there is a final bracket? :slight_smile:

Got a little confusing at times with just initials, but there you go.

haha thanks John, guess the European do not believe in online brackets hu? :wink:


This is the DPO link for the betting. WCO was over the weekend.

So a question to Josh on this: in the DPO side tournament they took 32 for the playoffs, but only 62 people played at least half of the qualifying games [3 or more]. Thus, they did not cut the field by half of those who fully tried to qualify; so then, the qualifying games then don’t count for TGP?