IFPA WC cut line?

Well the deadline has passed and it looks like Elliott Keith got the last spot above the cut line at 64th. That’s definitely deeper than I expected it to go.

Only 30 country exemption spots were claimed out of what I believe was a possible 44 maximum. So that makes me wonder, why the low turnout of players outside North America? Lack of an accompanying large tournament? No announcement of pre-tournaments leading up to the main event? Something else?

@pinwizj 15 participating countries is the fewest since…?

So many world championships so little time…


I know some of them opted for Indisc, Pinburgh or both in lieu of IFPA.

Would like to know if any pre-events are in the works.

Thank you to all of those that declined.

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Probably since IFPA11 in Denver? The old results are all available if anyone wanted to look all that up.

There will be pre events.

I guess it is as mentioned before, so many large events happening with a much bigger attendance and therefore WPPRs? Im not really sure why there had to be an Open WC, instead keeping the IFPA WC somewhat more “closed” and unique. But personally I will attend more for the experience, meeting other fantastic players etc. But also for example the week before there is the fulda olympics with 11 tournaments over 5 days, so if people want the wppr farming they will rather travel there than the trip over to US for a WC, sadly ?

but for me WC is more prestige than going for the wpprs :slight_smile:


Surely the only point in earning (these completely imaginary, no physical value) WPPR’s is to qualify for the IFPA World Championship? Farming for what purpose? I don’t get it…


Anyone have any insider info on these? List taken from the Pinball Asylum website. Still nothing on the IFPA calendar.

Curious about formats and if they’re multi-day or single-day events.


Was there a glitch with the cutline or something? When I checked earlier this week, Dave Stewart was above the cut line and I was the first alternate. Now it’s back to where it was…

One of the Australia Country Exemption spots shifted to a new player. I deleted the old player, added the new player, but forgot to mark them as “attending”. It was during that time where everyone shifted up one spot.


Hello John,

The IFPA17 pre-tournaments have been registered with IFPA:

5/24: Sunday: Pre-IFPA Tournament: 5th Annual Asylum Match-Play (Day 1)
5/25: Monday: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament: 5th Annual Pinball Asylum Match-Play (Day 2 and Finals)
5/26: Tuesday: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament: Pinball Asylum Flip Frenzy II
5/27: Wednesday: Pre-IFPA17 Tournament: 4-Strikes Yer Outta Here Tournament
5/28: Thursday: High-Score Contest Charity-Tournament(s) , IFPA Epstein Cup
5/29: Friday: IFPA17 Qualifying
5/30: Saturday: IFPA17 Qualifying
5/31: Sunday: IFPA17 Finals

Any questions, please let me know.

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Will the Pre-IFPA17 tournaments be using the same games as IFPA17?

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any idea on the start time for the pre-tourney? If we fly in on Wednesday, what time is the start time for that one for example? :slight_smile:

Karl-- There will certainly be some cross-over. We should have about 90 machines available for the pre-tournaments and IFPA17.

I posted this time-schedule on the Google group Josh started:


Below please find the schedule of IFPA17 pre-tournaments. All events will be held at The Pinball Asylum. Times posted are hours of operation, and may be adjusted slightly.

More details and rules of each tournament to be posted well in advance. A registration email will be sent in the next week or so allowing IFPA17 Participants to sign-up in advance for all pre-tournaments and optionally pay online.

ALSO: The Pinball Asylum will be hosting an After-Party on Sunday when finals conclude, with food, drinks, and live entertainment.

We are very excited to host you all at The Pinball Asylum here in sunny Fort Myers.


5/24, Sunday: 10:00am-7:00pm:

Pre-IFPA Tournament:5th Annual Asylum Match-Play (Day 1)

5/25: Monday: 10:00am-9:00pm:

Pre-IFPA17 Tournament:5th Annual Pinball Asylum Match-Play (Day 2 and Finals)

5/26: Tuesday: 6:00pm-11:00pm:

Pre-IFPA17 Tournament:Pinball Asylum Flip Frenzy II

5/27: Wednesday: 6:00pm-11:00pm:

Pre-IFPA17 Tournament:4-Strikes Yer Outta Here Tournament

5/28: Thursday: 6:00pm-11:00pm :

IFP17 Practice Session 6:00-7:30

High-Score Contest Charity-Tournament (TBA)

IFPA Epstein Cup 8:00-10:00pm

5/29: Friday: 9:00am-12:00am: IFPA17 Qualifying

5/30: Saturday: 9:30am-11:00pm: IFPA17 Qualifying

5/31: Sunday: 8:30am-3:30pm: IFPA17 Finals

thanks! 6PM, Is that the cut off to register/tournament start time? Maybe too early flying from the west coast that day unfortunately.

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What are the details on the Flip Frenzy event?

  • Entry fee / Payout structure
  • Length of qualifying / playoffs
  • How many make playoffs

I checked the IFPA calendar listing but didn’t learn much. I’ll assume it’s not actually 50 hours of qualifying or 50 games played.


The times listed are for opening times, with our tournaments typically starting within 30-60 minutes of those times. We are fine-tuning starting and finishing times now.


This will be posted shortly, but Entry fees each day will be $25.00 for Sunday-Wednesday. Tournament fees will be $40 for Match-Play, $20.00 for Flip-Frenzy, and $20.00 for 4-Strikes. 100% of the tournament fees will be paid out to the players. We will also award trophies.

We are still formulating length of qualifying and playoffs. I hope to release all of this with a week or so. Thanks for your patience.

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