IFPA to add 5th Major?


And you thought SUPERLeague was overvalued!



But really, what happened here?


It appears to have the base value multiplied by 9.6 for TGP instead of 0.96 for some reason.


It would have been better if it was worth FF points.


Olivia is going to be upset. Haha


It’s quite simple . . . Tracy sends me a check for $255.02 and we guarantee 1st place will be given that value. We’re beta testing with certain TD’s. Haven’t rolled it out to everyone yet :slight_smile:

What really happened is we changed how we classified Majors. We used to flag “Major = YES” which would give the 50% boost. Now that we have a classification of “Minor Major” with the 25% boost, it was easiest for Shepherd to just change this to a dynamic value in a new field.

So now every event defaults to “100”, but can be manually adjusted to anywhere from 0 through 999. There’s a bug that gets triggered that will change the value to “999” for a given event as the default, and then you end up with this :slight_smile:

Rebuild this afternoon will clean this up. My apologies to Olivia Helm for her not quite Biggest Movers award.








Our league is getting a kick out of their temporarily big jumps in the worldwide standings :smiley:

Olivia thought there was maybe a super secret 10x WPPR skill shot out there somewhere


With all of the super secret skill shots in Iron Maiden, I figured it had to be possible :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t realise “Bank Error in your Favor” was more than a Monopoly card!

I’ll keep this in mind since TGP is manipulatable. :sweat_smile:


She went from 4794th to 227th! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Sign me up next year.


…and here I was quite happy enough with my initial jump from 4794 to the 2100s or so :slight_smile: