IFPA SCS/PCS: short time to make your decisions

Just a heads up to anyone that qualified in multiple states, that you’ve only got a couple days to make your decisions this year: results locked down on 1/4/18, and decision to state reps are due on 1/7/18.

@pinwizj This doesn’t impact me, but given the short window: how do you intend for it to work for people that aren’t in spots 1-16 in the state that they desire to compete, but have a reasonable chance of qualifying after considering people who are likely to decline in that state, while at the same time, the player IS qualified for a different state that they will play in if they don’t make it into their top choice?

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I expect the State Reps to do what I do for Illinois.

Do a massive invite of the top 100 in your state. Record all the “YES” responses, and then we’ll sort it all out.

Any players that are bubbling in multiple states, just email me (these players typically do every year) and we’ll be sure to manage that priority of selection. I know that last year my cousin in particular was on the bubble in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana. He was of course willing to take ANYTHING, and had sent me his priority list 1 through 4 ahead of the registration cutoff.


those people cause problems for everyone

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Just wait until the 2018 SCS comes up with $'s on the line. Will be BIG problems with those people.
P.S. Totally for the short declaration window, bravo!

Any volunteers out there feel like putting together the “problem list”?

That’s players that qualify in multiple states including their “home state” that don’t typically choose their home state. I think we can knock this out pretty quick and then shame these people all year next year :slight_smile:

Jason Werdrick
Trent Augenstein
Derek Miazga

I know people like Brian Shepherd who won SC last year didn’t make the Ohio cutline so I wouldn’t include him on this list. Anyone else?

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How about Bob Mathews? He likes to go to different states.

I’m anticipating many more players will chase the money next year. The problem list will grow.

Can’t believe I forgot him :slight_smile:

Updated “problem list”:

Jason Werdrick
Trent Augenstein
Derek Miazga
Bob Matthews

And to make sure I’m not trolling these players, I give these players kudos for PLAYING AND EARNING their right to the choice they get to make, so I see “problem list” as a positive thing.


Im guessing KY will benefit from the $ rule next year. Nobody’s gonna choose KY over another state as the money will be next to nothing. Haha

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Waiting for the announcement of the Power State Championships :wink:

All players qualified in the legit top 16 in more than one state get invited to compete. The tourney State location will be chosen at random from the combined list of all unique states in the players’ lists. :slight_smile:

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I hear Alaska is beautiful this time of year . . . :slight_smile:

Hey, let’s not forget Sunshine. Which Carolina, or does she switch out this year?

So far, I’ve gone to the state where I qualified highest each year. Also, that never involved huge inconvenience. The Bay Area is as far away for me as NV or AZ, so the latter two were no big deal by comparison. I have family in TX that I visited when I went there and to nearby OK. But this year, my “best” state is GA. That’s an expensive trip for “just” a state championship. Meanwhile, the CA SCS is less than an hour away. So yes, I’d probably not go with my highest seed state if I can get into CA. I already told Josh that I’m not coming to IL; I won’t be doing PA, either, even though I expect that the list will get down to my name [if it was to be at PAPA … maybe]. So I’ll state now that my plan is to do CA, assuming that enough Bay Area players opt for the “Northern CA Championship” on that date instead for me to get in. I already know of a few people ahead of me who plan to play in that.

Note to my buddies Chris Compton [probable GA #1 seed in this scenario] and Bryan Broyles, thanks, but much as I’d love to come to Kennesaw, it’s not really practical if I have another option. Maybe some other year? See you in June!

Derek already told me he is going to GA

Kinda limits your choices when you are TD for one of the SCS finals. Needless to say, I won’t be playing in Tennessee, Kentucky or Georgia.

Boooo. I was hoping we could battle!!

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When it takes 11 sentences for someone to tell you which state he’s playing in, but doesn’t actually give a definitive answer…he definitely belongs on the problem list! :stuck_out_tongue:


The benefits of Colorado being the MST oasis of pinball: no one comes to our SCS. We didn’t even let Trent make it this year (though if we were a Super State, he would have).

This one is easy.

You get to pick which state you want to play in if you are one of the 16. If you qualified for more than one state you still only have four days to pick only ONE state. If you didn’t qualify to for a state to begin with you don’t get the choice to “wait around” to see who accepts or doesn’t. Play better next time. There are many people on the list for each state that are ready to play and fill the spot.

Simple and fair rule to go by.

Touche’. “Verbosity ‘R’ Us”?

“Extree, extree, problems, get your problems here, only 25 cents each, get your problems …”

Why, I was as clear as a Dr. Who plot.


Doesn’t address the situation where you could make the cut in a state you didn’t pick… but missed the cut in the one you did. Well, it does by saying “stay home”… but not really so fair either. For that, just goto the “declare a state at the start…” arguments.

The messy part comes because it’s not really top 16… it’s often can be top 30 or so depending on multiple factors… that make up the final list for each state.