IFPA Results submission window discussion

Hope I’m not opening a can of worms here, but I wanted to open a discussion on the impact of the 60-day event submission window for IFPA events.

Since players in a given event often participate in many events in the interim period between the first event and subsequent results submission, possibly 2 months later, it seems like the results of those “interim” tournaments could be substantially impacted by the timing of the submission. Questions that come to mind:

  1. Are results retroactively adjusted based on submissions for tourneys that took place prior to a given event but not submitted until after? (I’m guessing no?)
  2. Is there any consideration of shortening the submission window to mitigate the impact of these overlapped results?

If this is well-covered ground here or elsewhere, forgive me.

Yes. The date of the event drives it. So if you submit the results of event A after event B, but event A occurred first, event B’s points will be updated to account for event A’s results.

Changes to the ifpa rules will retroactively change past results too.


I question if it is a practical issue. I believe most results are turned in quite fast. Although, we’ve seen some cases on my local scene, when it was just put to rest by the organiser.

Also, an active and helpful country director, or local IFPA guy, helps a lot.

Every time we rebuild the rankings, we rebuild from the oldest date that has been changed in the system. Often times this is simply the oldest date of the most recently uploaded event. Other times it stretches back far longer with results being posted to incorrect player accounts, duplicate profiles being consolidated, corrections to previously submitted results, etc.

If I had an event in 2010 listed under “Joshua Sharpe” and I finally realized that it needed to be merged into my active profile listed under “Josh Sharpe” . . . EVERY RESULT IN THE SYSTEM after that date is impacted.

With the North American events now requiring endorsement fee payment as part of the results submission process, I feel that 60 days is fine.

As Soren mentioned, most organizers get their events in within a week. We leave it up to the player community within that area to bug the TD themselves if they are looking for reasons why results have yet to be submitted . . . except when that TD is Doug Polka, and that event is Pinburgh :slight_smile:


60 days to get 843 people right may not be enough! :slight_smile:

Number of times we rebuilt the rankings due to after-the-fact Pinburgh 2017 corrections . . . 47 :slight_smile:

Whoa. That’s a lot of rebuilds. Sorry that you had to deal with that. And by “you,” I mean @PressStart. :slight_smile:

Actually I still do most of the correction stuff. It’s only when the corrections take too much time that I’ll forward it to Adam :slight_smile:

Just had a correction today that will change everything going back to July 20, 2014. My apologies for the butterfly effect that causes to all the results after that point in time, especially if that changes anyone’s Pinburgh 2018 division restrictions after the fact :slight_smile: