IFPA European Championship Series 2019 - Finals weekend

Am I reading this right?
One event on Wednesday night, 2 events in parallel on Thursday, 2 events in Parallel on Friday then the ECS finals on Saturday (with consolation tournament if go out after round 1) then 2 more events on Sunday?


Sounds about right :smiley: . This was the same location where the Europe final went from 11AM through till 9am the next day.

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Yeah you read it right. Totally normal tournament weekend in Fulda. :grinning:

Plenty of great quality streaming available, JDL pinball streaming throughout the weekend at twitch.tv/jdl_pinball . They are live already during the warmup tournament going on right now.

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not exactly. that one was at Pinball Universe in Bünde - but thanks for the reminder on NBA Fastbreak and the bug I ran into it. :wink:


Ah, the tourneys you can run when you have 70 pins at a permanent location, enough techs, and people willing to allocate a 4-day weekend to non-stop competitive pinball.
It’s a nice idea to have the “consolation” tourneys for those that don’t qualify after each day’s “main” preliminary rounds, and also specifically prohibit competing in both of the overlapping events.

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we need more of those! :slight_smile:

Congrats to Andy Foster for winning BOTH tournaments yesterday.

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action still going on, incredible matches!