IFPA Dollar - 2018 Q1 Perspectives


I’m guessing @Shep can run a query to find out how many TD email addresses had an event registered in 2017 and then had none registered for 2018. We would then have to survey those TD’s to clarify as to the reason why they stopped running events.

Has the participation level of the event decreased since becoming a non-santioned event? Hopefully not …


I would actually think there would be some reduction. Maybe nothing drastic but if you have a choice between IFPA and Non-IFPA events, people looking for WPPRs with limited time would likely go to the IFPA ones.


Yeah, it definitely has.


Did the protesting TD survey the players to see what they thought since ultimately they are the ones that are missing out on the points?


He did not.


While running a tournament usually requires at least a few games in one location, there is at least one IFPA sanctioned format that doesn’t. In Seattle it’s called Super League and I think San Francisco calls it Selfie League. Essentially it’s the qualifying portion of a pump and dump tournament, but spread out over a week or month on however many games and locations you have access to. Seattle has a finals as well that make it worth a significant amount of points overall, but I don’t think that’s strictly required.

Points are something like 100 for first, 95 for second, 90 for third, then 89, 88, 87 for everything after that.

I’m not personally a fan of the format, but a lot of people love it. Germaine runs it in Seattle but I don’t know his TF handle to tag him.

Are there any other formats that could have as few as say three machines in three different locations? How is TGP calculated for something like this? Would three games count as only three games played total? Could you take each player’s top three scores on each game and call that nine games played? I’m just trying to think of something to help our friends in towns with very few games total and no central location.


WPPR v5.3 rules from the 2017 season:

“Certain formats (Selfie Leagues, TOPS Tournaments, etc) rely on players submitting their own results without the verification of a TD or authorized scorekeeper on site. Any qualifying format that includes “unverified” results where a TD, league official, or authorized scorekeeper is not present to record their score, will not have the qualifying portion included in the TGP calculation. The IFPA will classify these qualifying formats as strictly for seeding purposes, with only the finals format counting towards the TGP calculation.”


Ah. Welp, I tried. I suppose picking a day and carpooling with a TD would still work though.