IFPA Dollar - 2018 Q1 Perspectives


Who said it wasn’t a valid question? I sure didn’t. I just answered it. The current rules of the IFPA don’t allow submission of IFPA points for women only events for nationals or state which is where the money is going.


There was probably some confusion because the IFPA does award points for Women-only tournaments, albeit recorded separately: https://www.ifpapinball.com/rankings/women.php?type=w

By that point, I hope it will no longer be necessary to have a separate WWPPR system…


Sorry if you took that as a jab at you, it’s just my academic writing style coming out when I post on TF during the workday. @MCS pointed out what I was trying to, which is that because the IFPA does award points to women’s tourneys, even if they don’t count toward states or nationals, it’s worth ensuring that everyone understands the nuances of when the dollar is required to submit results and when it isn’t.