IFPA Dollar - 2018 Q1 Perspectives


Yeah $1 hasn’t had much effect here in NorCal. Actually there are more IFPA tournaments I think b/c some of the outlying locations not in SF/Oakland are now starting up leagues. A lot of the newer player base like earning WPPRs and especially in some of those locations where some of the regulars in the city don’t venture out as much. I thought the $1 would be a hassle but I just started charging for the free tournaments and no one seemed to care. I also am trying to pay out B-Division winners in some manner and have been earning miles by charging the fee to my own credit card and keeping the cash (this is kinda like FriendTM-ing - not stealing money! :slight_smile: [like this month we had 33 players I think so I charged $33 to my credit card and kept the 33 $1 bills which eventually find their way back into the DBAs on the machines around here]


Since we’re starting up the Pinburgh machine early in Pittsburgh, I have some early observations about Doug’s biweekly on top of the Kickback Weekly to talk about.

Kickback Weekly: Some sponsorship, some minor cuts to the first week pot. Not sure since I don’t handle the money and business end.

Fight Club (Doug’s biweekly): Players pay $1.

Kickback Weekly: Nobody really notices, so no.

Fight Club: Weekend attendance is definitely up, so it’s not negative that I see from an outsider standpoint.

Personal opinion: 0c4bwxygwjwz


Ohio has the highest participation of any state right now. Has this been the case in past years? Do you think this is at all attributable to the $1s?


Ohio is operating as normal in 2018 so far. Cleveland has been very active for the last 2 or 3 years, and Columbus has been gaining momentum over the last year or so. We don’t have quite the number of events as Washington, but we’re not far behind.

Here’s an interesting look at some lifetime historical data sorted by state. Ohio has been a sleeping giant for a while, but the live prize pool is starting to catch some eyeballs.


As someone who is already nearing my 20 tournaments. It would be nice if on the player profile page you could see just results for the year for a particular state for a specific player.


I believe they are bringing that back to where it will show your state ranking (and points) as well as being able to see the state standings.


Well they do have this https://www.ifpapinball.com/nacs/standings.php?l=AB which covers most of that.

But I’d like to see a nice list of just the events I did this year in a particular state.


Cool. I didn’t know that stats page existed.

My favorite stat I just learned: @zvrabes has played the 4th most tournaments of all time. How does that make you feel?


Wow, I’m pretty surprised Ohio is tops in participation, considering how Cincy doesn’t have much IFPA action going on. Not too shabby for just two-thirds of a state.


More like just the Ohio Turnpike corridor. :slight_smile: Of course Ohio does have three shows with a tourney or more attached to it as well. (Ohio Show, Cle-Pin, and the new PinCinnati Show) Go OHIO!!!


I want the last ten years back.


Lots of Portland in that top all time list.


I would’ve liked more transparency about women’s events being exempt from the fee… I found out from another player when she sent me a screenshot from a FB post.

Other TDs for women’s events in Seattle weren’t aware of the fee exemption at all and were in the middle of trying to source the fee when I told them.


Looks like state/province rankings for NACS are now listed on player pages on the IFPA site. Nice job, @Shep!

I think a few bugs need to be worked out, mainly relating to the states that some events do or do not apply to. Let me know if you need some examples.


RE: Player state rankings lets just say its in the works as the listing scrolls through each spot for every state at this time. A good first step. Now which state do i want to play in ?


@Shep my listing is also showing me in every state and every ranking (player #970). I spot checked others in Colorado and they all looked good.

No wonder I have no time, apparently I’m playing in every tournament against myself multiple times!



@Kevkat - Yeah I forgot to clear the cache, all fixed.

@stevevt - if you see tournaments showing up under the wrong state, let me or @pinwizj know.


Looks good now. Thanks.

EDIT but UNRELATED: You might want to look at “Highest rank” on the Stats tab. Seems to be higher (i.e, better) than it should be for most or all players I’m looking at, including me (#2623).


Women’s events aren’t able to collect IFPA points as they restrict entrance by gender.

Since it can’t be counted for State standings or Overall rankings I’m not sure why the fee would be required. If points are being submitted and count for those rankings then their are other concerns to discuss.

From the IFPA site -

Q: How does an event become endorsed by the IFPA, and eligible to award World Pinball Player Rankings points?
A: The IFPA only recognizes open divisions of play to be included in the World Pinball Player Rankings. If certain players are prohibited from playing based on age, gender, skill or personal reasons, those results will not be counted.


Women’s events count as WPPRs (WWPPRs?) for the women’s-only rankings, which in turn impact who qualifies for the Women’s World Championship, so @MEH asks a valid question. Josh solicited some feedback from women about whether to implement the same dollar fee as for open tournaments and I believe the decision was to wait until the WWPPR system had been in place for a bit longer and was more statistically robust, then re-start that conversation.