IFPA Classics Tournament Rankings


I agree with your assessment Mr. Classics.


I agree but not always possible.

I take a great point of pride that at NYCPC 6 of 8 of our machines were EMs.

Grand Prix, Pin Up, Volley, Old Chicago, 300, and Toledo.




I take great pride in that IFPA-11 in Denver had 16 well playing EMs in the “Old” bank - the first, and only
“completely” Electro-mechanical division at any IFPA WC. Now if only all these EMs contained accurate instruction cards as well… :wink:


That would really be Out of Sight!


Must have been a glorious sight!

(I beefed, we actually had 6 of 8, but many would like to forget the 300 that had a hairtrigger tilt).




The biggest outliers I have ever encountered are Party Zone and BK2K in a classics bank!