IFPA Classics Tournament Rankings


Works for me. Pre sys 11 it is.


You can say the same about System 9 as well which is why I never put them in. But honestly as long as it is clear not a big deal.


CI always like the standard EM/ SS/ modern split, but getting reliable tournament-worthy EM’s is getting really hard. So I suppose a SS split is in order. You could go by CPU.

Early SS;

WMS System 3-9
Bally AS-2518-X
Stern MPU 100/ 200
Gottlieb system 1/ System 80/ 80-A

Late SS:
WMS System 11
Gottlieb System 3/ System 80-B
Sega/ Stern Whitestar
Bally 6803

I’m sure I’m missing something, but you get the idea. The nice thing about sorting this way is that you can go to IMDB and quickly determine where a game fits.


You should split up by 80/A/B. No way stuff like Time Line and black hole belong in ‘late’ SS


Agreed. Edited post.


The last several posts show why this is a tough nut to crack. I think there’s general consensus that early SS belong in “Classics,” but later on is less clear. DMDs are pretty clearly out, so we have this window of a few years of SS machines with System 11s and such where there’s wiggle room. I like the CPU idea, not sure if I’d make the same cut.


What about “any game without multiball”, or, by extension, any game before Black Knight, or 1980


Multiball goes way back. Think Fireball and Nip-It, among others. Just not as common back then.


Eh, I stand by Black Knight being the cut off. It was the first game that was 50 cents after all!


What about games like Cyclone that aren’t multiball but are way later?

Where are you getting that 50 cents number? Even many EMs could be set to 50 cents, it’s just pricing.


I’ve commonly heard that it was Black Knight or Black Hole that was the first game set at 50 cents at the factory.


Might as well include papa A div in that classics ranking…



I think the list above it a solid start and you can list the other machines that should be excluded from that, more than likely it is probably a very small list of exceptions. If you find you have a lot of exception then you get add another category like system 9 or such and list the exceptions on the Classics list. Honestly not that hard once it is fully documented. Setting a standard helps TD’s greatly because they will now be able to say if Classics games are in their main banks or if a tournament is truely a Classics tournament.


Why set a standard for classics and not main? If it’s decided that it’s every game before sys 11, then for modern you must use sys 11 and newer.


If it is a modern tournament then one would assume you can’t use the machines off the Classics list?. If your tournament is a Main tournament why couldn’t it not encompass both. If it is a Classics Tournament it should only have the Classics that are on the designated list.


How often is the main division labelled “modern” vs “main” or “open”?


Almost never. But as I think @cayle would agree, if you’re having a classics tournament, why is the main tournament using classics games? Ever seen an EM in main of a herb tournament?

I’ve always taken the other tournament at big shows as being non-classics. Maybe I’m wrong. Here’s to Dipsy Doodle being at the next big herb event.


Little Chief in PAPA20 comes to mind.


Fair enough. Just thought that modern was implied. I guess not. Carry on.


That was in PPO 2017, ironically!