IFPA app, now available on the App Store


1.4.2 is now available on the App Store and Play Store.

Favorites list
Lots of UI fixes for smaller devices


Loved this app this week :slight_smile:


Thanks @neilmcrae!

Update dropped for Android yesterday; should be approved for iOS tomorrow.

Bug fix for ranking drop down
New Stats page for global ifpa stat info
For iOS, quick actions with 3D Touch for easy access to specific tabs


Version 1.4.4 of the app is published to the Google Play store. App Store approval for iOS takes about 24-48 hours

Notifications available when a new blog post is added (default set to ‘off’ since not everyone wants this)
Fixed a bug where if the IFPA website was down, the app would crash


I have a report of the new app version for android crashing on launch. Can anyone else confirm the app is working or not working for them?


Confirm 1.4.4 is crashing on Android 9.


Samsung S9 Android 9 is not operational.
Most times it crashes with the logo screen up. Occasionally it tries to display the rank page and then crashes.


Ok yeah. Sorry about that. Unfortunately it looks like a fix won’t be available until Monday


The Android issue appears, according to crash logs, to be isolated to Android 9. I am going to try to roll back the release to prevent people from being locked out. I cannot reproduce on the simulator but at least I have some data that might help me suss it out in the next few days.


I’m sorry this took so long. After getting a better emulator setup and reproducing the issue, I just pushed a google play fix for those on Android 9. Sorry for the huge amount of downtime, I’ll work harder to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I admit I’ve been less enthusiastic about android dev than iOS dev but now that I have a better emulator suite hopefully things will be at parity between the two platforms moving forward. Thanks for everyone’s support!


I just noticed that, when I use the app while the IFPA site is down (which it currently is), it crashes immediately. No error message.


Version 1.5 of the app is published to the Google Play store. App Store approval for iOS takes about 24-48 hours.

Added a ‘clear my stats’ button to the settings page
Only show iOS badging if notifications are turned on
Favorited players now have ‘full’ heart icon and unfavorited players have outlined heart icon
Added empty list messages to Player Search and favorites page
Added text search to rules page

Overall, this cleans up a few of the things that were left unpolished. Since changing your selected player is probably going to be an ultra rare event, it made no sense to clutter the toolbar with the ‘Star’ icon for every other player. Now, if you want to change your ‘my stats’ player you need to go to settings and press a button to remove your current player. Then the stars will be available on other players pages for you to press. Also along this vein, you can’t favorite a player until you choose your my-stats player. There’s also some empty list prompts to hopefully make the app less confusing. And finally, text search in the rules. as you type, the text will be scrolled to and highlighted. to remove the highlighting, clear or hide the search box. to move to the second/third/n-th instance, put the cursor back in the search box and choose search with the same text value and it should cycle through.


Some BETA stuff is getting close. There’s been some movement on IFPA API updates, although they’re not production ready yet.


Looks like BC has a very metal prize pool.

I’ve also got some women’s/youth ranking data. Slowly but surely 2.0 is going to be coming out early summer


Something is up with favorites. My favorites disappeared. I had about 5 people listed. App still seems to know though because if I go to any of their listings, the heart is still filled in and clicking tells me I’m removing them.


Do you remember who was in your favorites or the last person you added? I bet there’s a bug displaying a specific player in the list.



It was right after his first tournament posted that I added him and this started.


Try removing him from favorites by finding him in search and see if that restores favorites. I’m sure it’s a simple bug I’ll test it out tonight


Something is definitely up with his account. The search finds him, but his name and stats never actually load.
Removed and my other favs showed back up. Repeated the cycle and got the same results.


It’s because he’s brand new with one result. The API is returning
which is throwing an exception on parsing to a date time. I’ll work on making that nullable when we receive a malformatted date from the API