IFPA app, now available on the App Store


Access IFPA was written by @bdols
He’s currently assisting with Pinball Map and may be interested in collaborating. I can pass along contact info to him, not sure how often he reads tilt.


It looks like the notification works when the player goes up in the rankings (so the player makes progress to the first 50 places :grin:).
Is should be nicer that that screen (place 1 to 50) displays the places <current player - 25> to <current player +24>. I think that’s more usefull for most of us.

Keep up the good work (and congratz that you’ve started developing this app. I had that idea maybe 5 years ago but never really started with it :roll_eyes:)


That’s not exactly true :grin: Brian contributed to the Pinball Map Android app back in 2015. But he’s still an admin!


I saw an Android review for a user “Preston”. He was asking for the ability to turn off notifications. You definitely can in the Settings app.

And for iOS users also in settings


I want notifications but didn’t get any when I gained a few spots a couple of days back. How do I get to these settings? (Android)


Are you on the latest version? There were a few bugs, 1.0.9 should have them all worked out.


I was not. I updated but still can’t find a settings menu like the one you showed.


Settings is a native app that ships with the phone. I don’t have an actual android device, just an emulator, but the icon for it should look like a gear.


It is available in the system setting. In android go to settings -> apps -> application list -> IFPA Companion -> notifications.

You can also get there by long pressing on the notification.


There seems to be a bug for players with fewer than seven or so events. Their player profile only lists the player number and everything else is zeroed. However, you can view their Tournament Results and PvP pages. I’m on an iOS device using v1.0.9 of the software.

At first I thought it was only unrated players, but found a Rated player with the issue as well:


Also, when does the notification indicator clear? I was told my rank had changed this morning, and I’ve viewed my profile (even opened it through the notification), but there’s still a red dot with a one on the application icon.

Is this the best place to be reporting bugs or would you rather we use some other method, @Richthofen? Thanks for the work you’re doing on this app!


Here is fine for bug reports.

I’m aware of lower ranked players not appearing with data. I’ll have to check the api calls and see what data is returned.

Notification numbers (the red 1) should clear if you press the notification and use it to take you to the app. Notifications are really hard to check because real testing only happens when submissions and ranks are reprocessed. a lot of it is guesswork. Apologies for that. I can probably make this more robust; or I can have it reset when you visit the Player profile page; which should do it as well.


I can’t find that in the Settings app, I suspect because I am on android 5.0.2. So no notifications for me?


Lollipop definitely has settings and notifications

I suspect you may be on a phone with custom carrier / device manufacturer firmware, and settings has been renamed or subsumed by something else.


My player number is showing 0. On both platforms.


I believe you need one more tournament in order to be ranked.


I have 4


And you need a total of five.


You don’t need to play 5 events to be ranked. You need to play 5 events to start adding value to the tournament being played.


Damn right… forget what I wrote. You are ranked according to the IFPA website but not according to the app. This seems to be the case for other new players (that I checked) as well.


Rankings for new players can take a bit to propagate to the API even after the ranking show up on the IFPA website.