IFPA app, now available on the App Store


Country is the full name with a %20 to work as the space delimiter where needed (…&country=New%20Zealand). It is written in another part of the API docs, not specific to the ranking sub section. I just mentioned it as a possible solution to the country issue.


Version 1.0.5 of the IFPA Companion App is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store!

NOTIFICATION WHEN YOUR MY STATS PLAYER RECEIVES A NEW TOURNAMENT RESULT SUBMISSION. This is a big one. Unfortunately when the app updates you have to re-select your profile, that’s a bug I know I have to fix. Also, while I tested with lots of test data, there hasn’t been an actual IFPA tournament submission block in a few days. So it should work but YOLO it might not. Just so its clear, to set up ‘My Stats’, do a player search, find your player record, and press the star in the upper right corner of the player record to mark that as your player.

Increased info on the Player Detail Page
Player Tournament Results now offer active/inactive/past toggles
Increased info on the Calendar Detail Page
Removed auto-search on Calendar Slider for better performance
Bug Fixes


Just got the app - this is great! Thank you so much for building it.

I love the way you implemented telling the app who you are. For so long I haven’t been logged into the IFPA on mobile and I’m too lazy to do a password reset. Problem solved! :slightly_smiling_face:

My player vs player page doesn’t work (my id is 20911). I hardly ever look at that anyway but found it while poking around.

One suggestion: when you change the search radius, perhaps change the color of the compass icon to indicate that you’ll need to click it to redo the search. Took me a little poking around to come up with that, I think because that’s the universal icon for “center me on this map”. I hadn’t moved, so I didn’t think to click it.


I see that in my local testing as well. I’ll add a bug and get it fixed in the next release; its apparently specific to the PVP data your profile has. Mine and most others work :man_shrugging:

Yeah this is a frustrating experience i’ll admit. If you try to re-search before all pins are dropped and loaded the buttons do nothing. So I had to take out the slider auto-searching. I am a total noob at user interface design and it shows on this page. I’ll ask around to my designer friends to see if there’s a way I can make this better.

Thanks for the feedback!


Preston Bickler is in the database wrong, he’s listed as Firstname : Preston Bickler Lastname: {nothing}
I’ll have a fix for this in the next release.


Version 1.0.6 of the IFPA Companion App is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store!

Upgrading Xamarin Forms core libs
Player detail improvements
Added ordinal suffixes across the app
Additional Notification work including WPPR rank change notification (so when your numerical rank changes you get notified, even if a tournament wasn’t submitted, say due to decay or another person surpassing you)
Toolbar button to add event to device’s calendar
Bug Fixes (@ryanwanger 's PVP fix as well)


How can we set the notifications (on Android)?
I would like to test the notification when my rank is changed

Another question:
I found 2 ifpa apps: ifpa compagnion and Acces ifpa
Why 2 apps (and what one will be maintained in the future)?


Access IFPA was written by someone else and is not cross platform compatible. IFPA Companion IMHO is the most “official” in that I used the IFPA branding and logo and conned Josh into writing a blog post about it. I believe an “atta boy” on official IFPA letterhead is coming in the mail :sunglasses:

I am promising to at least maintain my version for as long as I’m playing pinball. And the source code is open so if I get hit by a bus anyone can continue to work on it.

For notifications, use the player search to find your player and then use the star :star:️ to select it as your profile. It should do alerts then.


OK, thanks for the info.
I already done that - search user and set it as my profile.
I will see if I get notifications

I guess that the notification works on the global ranking.
So every entry that chnages your ranking in the whole ranking.
I guess it would be usefull - for most players - to get that notification on the rankings regarding the country.
for example: I do not care if I’m the 200e or the 205e in the global ranking but I do care if I’m the 2e or the 3e Belgian in the ranking.
Maybe that’s a nice add-on in your current app



I have done that as well. So far I have not received any notifications and my ranking has changed several times.


I discovered a bug in rankings. You only get notified if your ranking goes up (gets worse). I have a fix in the pipeline. Math is hard!


On v1.06, and now every time I click on ANY event under the calendar the app crashes. I’ve shut down the app and restarted and still same results. Using iOS.


Huh. What is your search params? Calendar is working fine at the moment for me.



Finish positions aren’t displaying fully on Android

Feature request 1:
Remember the last screen I was on and open to that. I basically don’t ever care who the top 50 people are. Once I’m in the top 50 I’m sure it would be cool though.

Feature request 2:
A customizable list of players. Basically a build your own top 50 type screen. Would be good for leagues and keeping track of the local scene in general.


I like it a lot, it would be good if it opened up on the players local id and last few results. It also seems fixated on Rome for some reason.


This is an android thing. iOS remembers your position. I’ll research the framework and see if it can do a better job remembering what tab you are on.

That’s also known, we load the user’s data after the controls are rendered so there’s a period of time the map doesn’t know the location, and the default location is Rome. once the event data is loaded it should navigate to the right place.


Adding color to the PVP (green for winning record, red for losing record) similar to the web version would be a nice addition.

I would also like to see my state ranking.


It’s on the buglist already :slight_smile: https://github.com/edgiardina/Ifpa/issues/13

This is the most requested feature, however I am blocked until the API provides that data. I think the data used to be provided when it was the SCS, but now that its the NACS, the data isn’t available on the player call.


1.0.8 drops soon. Improved state persistence of the tab menu when leaving/returning to the app and
PVP Screen now has red/green differentiation

Be sure to be updating frequently. Android updates will appear a little sooner than iOS updates as iOS updates need to be verified by Apple.

Some Stats:
So far, 419 people have installed the app on their iOS device. 5 users gave a review, all of them 5 stars. One of those might have been my wife because she humors me with my stupid pinball crap :slight_smile:
So far, 180 people have installed the app on their Android device. No reviews yet.

Overall, I’m super humbled that 600 of you gave my app a try, I know it still has a lot of quirks but I’m learning a lot as I go so I appreciate you all testing and using the app.