IFPA app, now available on the App Store




App is now at 1.0.3 and contains player search by name


Version 1.0.4 is now available in the iOS App Store

Enhanced Calendar page design shows more map and results.
PVP Page has a new design and tapping through on a PVP item now brings up a PVP detail page.
Added a jumplist to PVP details page.
Use the Star to select your profile instead of manual IFPA lookup.
Added user refresh toolbar item to the Player Details page.


I checked events out using the calendar. When I click on some of the events for details, it shows nothing but a box. Others work fine. See screenshot.


Can you please tell me what tourney this was? Or screenshot the previous screen and circle the one that errored when you tapped through?


Just a few examples.


All the tournies with apostrophes in the name.


Yeah I am willing to bet that’s an apostrophe issue; probably a bug in the IFPA API. Will look more into it this evening.


Lol, that’s exactly the issue I spoke about a few posts ago. Have spoken to Brian recently about it and I think it’s resolved now.


Yep I emailed Brian last night and he resolved it.


On the My Statspage:

  1. Would be nice to have a box setup for the top 20 events that make up your IFPA WPPR like on IFPA page.

  2. Would be nice if you could create a box for your SCS WPPR for quick reference.

  3. Would be nice to create a box for Stern Circuit WPPR for quick reference.

Top 50 Page:

  1. The top 50 page is good, be nice if was too 100 like the IFPA first page, and it showed their WPPR and rating in the summary screen.

Player Search:

  1. Would be nice to show the IFPA player number on the first screen


There’s a lot of work that needs to go in the player detail / my stats page. What I will probably do is add a filter button on the Tournament Results list, so you press a button in the toolbar to toggle between active and inactive results/ top 20 vs all , etc etc

What I am avoiding is creating the My Stats page as a huge scroll / wall of information. I’d much rather have you tap -> tap than tap -> scroll through a huge wall of data. For sure we need IFPA ID throughout the app.

thanks for the feedback! I spent a lot of time thinking about android last night and adding things to ease that transition. I spent the $25 to be an android store developer and hopefully by the end of this month I can get this app into the play store.


If you’d like to be a beta tester on Android, PM me your email address (must be a google / google apps account)


I was pretty unhappy w/ how much of a time sink deploying is, so thanks to the beta testers!, but I’m just going to release it now. You can still submit bugs in this thread or PM me. The map seems a lot slower on Android; if you go to a large area with tons of tourneys you won’t be able to re-search or move until all tourneys load pins on the map.

App is now cross platform and available on the Google Play Store.


I realize there’s still a lot to do, I’ve got a list of changes I want to get in this week (mostly way more player detail and still need to do notifications)


Ok so everything that’s in there seems to be working well, but here are a few humble suggestions:

What I mostly do at the IFPA website is look at rankings by country so I wish this will be implemented.

Looking at tournament results it would be better to have the finishing position indicated before the name instead of being at the right side of the screen.

Top 50 seems like an unnecessary limitation to browsing rankings. Maybe have a “rankings” button at the bottom and when you’re viewing them have buttons appear at the top that allow for skipping 50/100 spots either way.

This is probably not at all in line with what you want the app to be but I like charts and graphical demonstrations like the example I posted a few days ago in this thread :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the IFPA API doesn’t provide any other rankings view
If they update the rankings API I can implement.

This is a style choice, I’ll keep your feedback in mind but I’m undecided at the moment.

Overall the Top 50 is mostly a placeholder at the moment. I agree this should be revisited; I think it should be ‘Rankings’ and have toolbar buttons at top to swap between countries/women/youth etc but at the moment I’m limited by API surface changes.


Any possibility of being able to use an IFPA app to submit events to the calendar? This probably requires a ton more work but the IFPA submission form has always felt like it could use some modernization. For example, I would love to be able to clone an event (league), and then simply change the dates and submit.


Unfortunately no plans to do calendar submissions. That would require authentication and login, things the current API doesn’t support. Also the login for calendar submissions / wordpress isn’t tied into IFPA is so you’d have to manage two things, your my stats page and your separate login. Not a great experience.


SideNote: it is possible to add &country=[%Country%] to the API-call and add a counter to get the country ranking.


And what format is %Country% ? the two letter country code? a string representing country name? what about two word countries, etc? I haven’t implemented non-documented API features into the wrapper api so I am reticent to do it now. I know the docs aren’t up to date for sure I saw that in some api calls.