IFPA app, now available on the App Store


Why input your region when your phone already knows where you are?! Magic. That’s definitely going to be a feature.


How many people here are aware of http://tiltforums.com/t/coming-soon-android-app-to-access-ifpa? I don’t know if @bdols is still working on the project but the app is pretty good. The nearby events feature works great and the stats views are easy to read and pretty comprehensive.



Something like https://tools.flipperliste.at/ifpa_player_statistics/?players[]=Ryan+Wanger


Maybe an alert when a suppressed player un-surpresses themselves? (asking for a friend) :slight_smile:


Because I’m not always located where I want to see calendar events.


Agreed. This is one of the front-and-center features in the existing Access IFPA App, and it’s stupidly fast. It defaults to your current location but allows searching, and has autocomplete for likely locations.


Shouldn’t a player that does that lose all his/her competition history and have to start over? Only seems fair to me.


Not at all. Suppression has always meant “not publicly displayed”. The actual events played, points brought to an event, points earned at events are always counted for all players that attend (unless there is a player opt out with the endorsement fee).


Adjustable font sizes !


So I’m using Xamarin.Forms which uses iOS / Android native elements. So iOS I know has a built in font adjust feature for the whole phone. If you adjust that, it should adjust this app.


Got some more work on this done last night and on my lunch break.


Loving this!! When is beta testing?


Awesome stuff.

I had started working on a cross platform app myself (Xamarin, C#), but I fell at the first hurdle when I realised the IFPA API had a bunch of issues in it, such as trying to query tournaments that have an apostrophe in the name fail. (and incidentally, that probably means there are sql injection issues that would be worth fixing before someone goes all Bobby tables on the database… (https://xkcd.com/327/)

Are you using the rest api, or do you have an online cache?

I was planning to let the user select which regions they wanted to be notified of new or upcoming tournaments in. As Cayle said, that isn’t just your current location though. Could include regions you’re planning to travel to, or neighbouring states (or countries for those of us in Europe).


I’m using the REST API. I wrote a wrapper for it in C# last year, .NET standard so it can be consumed via Xamarin, which is what I’m using (Xamarin Forms)

If I find flaws in the API I’ll let josh know, but my wrapper library should be resilient in the face of that; if its not I’ll patch it until it is.

I won’t be using any sort of SQL database at the moment so I’m not worried about injection attacks.


No the issue is trying to query via the REST API on tournaments that use a ’ in the name. Such as this one for example:


The REST API returns errors that very much indicate that the IFPA API is susceptible to sql injection attacks.


{“error”:{“text”:SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘Frenzy’ order by event_end_dt’ at line 1}}

Edit: Looks like API queries are sanitized for sql injection, so I guess as long as @PressStart doesn’t accept a tournament named like "My Tournament’); UPDATE Player SET Rank=9999 WHERE Name Like ‘%Sharpe’;-- … we should be ok :smile:


To add to Cayle’s point, one problem I personally have living in upstate New York is I am within ~170 miles of Toronto and Ottawa, but also Buffalo and Middletown. The miles feature on the IFPA map draws a straight line from Syracuse to these places, because it doesnt know about bodies or water or international borders, or highways that dont travel in a straight line. Changing my location to Ithaca or Penn Yan or Norwich usually does the trick. So if you cannot control the ifpa data flowing into the app, it would be useful for me to switch my location when using. This option would be useful for people going on vacations or traveling for work as well.
Thanks again for having the initiative to start this project, as well as the courtesy to ask for public input.

Looking great! Is this with the feature of using a different location? Cannot tell by the screengrab


Yeah, although its not based on city/address, i just mocked it up quick with zipcode. but if you punch in a different zipcode it moves the map and reloads the tournies.


I just want to be able to see Bowen Kerins profile now that he unsuppressed himself, lol…


Zipcodes are easy to lookup/remember. Keep up the good work!


Ok, so this is very feature light right now, and I’ve got lots of good changes in the pipeline, but i wanted to put this on the store even in its skeletal state just to get it out there. It’s my first app, I’m very proud even though its bare bones. iOS only for now. It’s written cross platform but I wanted to really button up the iOS app first then push the android one out there after I’m comfortable w/ it

IFPA Companion by Ed Giardina https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifpa-companion/id1441736303?mt=8

If you are gonna submit feedback, please do so here:

Next features:
Clean up the calendar / future tournaments page
Player search
NOTIFICATIONS (this is a big one, I will likely need more than a week to hash that out)

Lots more. Thanks for checking it out!