IFPA app, now available on the App Store

Something weird is going on with the first column.

That IS weird. Can you let me know your phone model number? Thanks Ian!

I’m seeing the same thing on an S9

iPhone works fine!

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I rolled out a fix that should repair the bug in the Rankings page on Android.


We have a winner!
Just updated. Looks good.

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API v2 is out?!

Update is great! Love having the NACS and women’s data available on the app.


Some UI thoughts:
On my stats page, the header takes up a lot of room. The only info in there that’s really useful for me is my ifpa#. I don’t need to ever really see my name/city. A possible solution could be similar to how you collapsed the slider on the maps page which I think was a great idea.

im not seeing all these cool new changes!! I am on android 6.0.1

So that’s true for your profile but it’s the same view to view other players and I think that info is important. I might make that panel collapsible in a future update but default it should be open. We’ll see.

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Hey Ed, not sure if you remember, but we chatted about this at the tourney the day after Pinmasters. I’ve never received any push notifications about change in rank, though you seemed satisfied that I had set it up correctly. You thought it might be something about the data for my specific IFPA user/profile?

Not expecting any big wins anytime soon, so no pressure :slightly_smiling_face:

Android 5.0 and up are supported. I’m not sure the app update sequence for Google Play store but you might want to check to see if you can manually update.

Hey Ryan, I definitely remember. I’ve tried reproducing the issue in my simulators and I can’t. I add you as the selected player, and even set breakpoints in my error traps to see if any of your data is causing the app any issue. It doesn’t appear so. Only thing I can suggest is removing your selected player and re-adding. If it doesn’t fix it, I’m not sure what else to try.

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got it!!!

been waiting for this update since day one!

Is there anyway you could make a feature that prevents me from looking at the app twenty times a day now that state championship info is available?

The ranking truncation also happens on all of the other pages on Android aka past results, nacs…
Additionally on the nacs page the event number is getting cut off as seen in the attached pic.

Next, just noticed on the map page the ability to import events into my calander. That is awesome, however currently it is not initially setting the date correctly. Any event I click it defaults to today’s date.

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I love the improvements you have made to this app. The only feature request I have is the ability to rotate the IFPA rules 90 degrees so we can read them in landscape orientation. They are too small to read in portrait. I am on iPhone X. I would then use this as my go to rather than dropbox.

Yeah, I get that. I had to turn off rotation because most of the app doesn’t render right in landscape and I don’t have the resources / time to program and test the entire app in both portrait and landscape. Also papa and ifpa changed the rules to be a pdf so I had to use a pdf renderer. I can look into whether font increasing is possible but it’s hard to say. I’ll add an issue either way as I understand it’s probably not practical to use.

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Anyone suggest this yet? When looking at the NACS standings, I’d like to be able to see what makes up a player’s card when I click on them. Not their profile page. Is that possible?

I need an API endpoint from @Shep for this. I definitely want this too!