IFPA app, now available on the App Store

got it!!!

been waiting for this update since day one!

Is there anyway you could make a feature that prevents me from looking at the app twenty times a day now that state championship info is available?

The ranking truncation also happens on all of the other pages on Android aka past results, nacs…
Additionally on the nacs page the event number is getting cut off as seen in the attached pic.

Next, just noticed on the map page the ability to import events into my calander. That is awesome, however currently it is not initially setting the date correctly. Any event I click it defaults to today’s date.

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I love the improvements you have made to this app. The only feature request I have is the ability to rotate the IFPA rules 90 degrees so we can read them in landscape orientation. They are too small to read in portrait. I am on iPhone X. I would then use this as my go to rather than dropbox.

Yeah, I get that. I had to turn off rotation because most of the app doesn’t render right in landscape and I don’t have the resources / time to program and test the entire app in both portrait and landscape. Also papa and ifpa changed the rules to be a pdf so I had to use a pdf renderer. I can look into whether font increasing is possible but it’s hard to say. I’ll add an issue either way as I understand it’s probably not practical to use.


Anyone suggest this yet? When looking at the NACS standings, I’d like to be able to see what makes up a player’s card when I click on them. Not their profile page. Is that possible?

I need an API endpoint from @Shep for this. I definitely want this too!


Everything OK with the app? Some new updates to tournaments have been out for a couple of days now but I didn’t get an alert from the App nor is the App updated.

Seeing the same behavior. It looks like for whatever reason the API is returning data not updated, but the website is using up to date data. I’ll drop @Shep a line. thanks for alerting me.

I don’t know if it is possible to allow landscape/rotation just in the rules/pdf renderer? Don’t need rotation for any other part.

Unfortunately allowing rotation is an app-level setting.

I understand the frustration. Since the IFPA moved to PDF rules, it means I can’t alter the font and make it more readable.

No frustration. Really appreciate what you are doing :slight_smile:

Player Card on NACS page is in the next release. Expect it in 2.0.3 in the next day or two.

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Someone provided a 1 star review on Android which dragged the ranking down as more recent rankings are more important (like the IFPA rankings!). If someone left that review, please let me know what the issues were, happy to address specific concerns.

Just hit you up with a 5 star to hopefully balance the universe

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Downloaded this to try it out again - looks like most of the issues I had previously on my Samsung Galaxy S6 are fixed. A couple of things though:

  1. When the app is loading data, such as map data for tournaments or player data for standings pages, the app appears to freeze. I say “appears” because I’m pretty sure things are blocking on that data load, but the UI becomes nonfunctional while this happens so it looks like a freeze. Any screen taps are queued up and all fire off instantly once the load finishes. Would be nice if the UI could put a spinner or other “please wait” UI element to let people know something is happening in the background.

  2. Weird layout bug on the NACS payout page (screenshot below). This fixes itself if I rotate to landscape and back to portrait. Feels like the left column isn’t quite wide enough on first render so the text cuts off.

Feature request: Is it possible to get an alert when your rank for a state’s championship changes? Or maybe just for the state you designate as primary?

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I will add an issue to add this. I will probably default it to “off” though, since I’m already in like 7 or 8 states and I’m sure a lot of people would consider it pretty noisy. picking a state as a “primary” is kinda clunky too,and probably a lot of work.

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Been working a lot on the app, mostly dark mode changes. A few performance issues to solve long calendar load times. Should hopefully have a release out before the end of the year. What’s Wild is the app has been out there for over a year now!


IFPA app version 2.1.1 is rolling out to the Google Play Store. Version 2.1.0 rolled out to the iOS app store on Friday. This is mostly a change in the UI and behavior around dark mode. A few outstanding bugs were addressed. I’m really happy with the Android version now, and finally have an Android 10 emulator.

I still have some time this week so I expect to hopefully put out some changes into the new year. Feel free to continue to put suggestions in here. Thanks for everyone’s support!


Possible bug report iOS: I searched for the name breeding and got no results.

Searching on the IFPA website for breeding returns two results, both of them have no active results. (John has past results, Brad has none). I’m guessing the app doesn’t show a player that is in the IFPA but not ranked.