IFPA 2018 changes?


One awesome side effect of this new $1 rule. I have basically an unlimited supply of singles for dollar games. haha


If only we could courier the fee to the WPPR overlords once a year (preferably Wells Fargo wagon or Pony Express style) in a giant bag of Goldies.


For all you TDs out there:

Have you checked out your tournament stats on this page?

Someone made me aware of it a while ago, and my stats were blank at the time. :frowning:
But then they got mostly populated in the last few weeks. :slight_smile:
Cool stuff.


I’m curious how far back these stats are tracking.


It’s all tied to the tournament director’s email address. At some point we’ll do a mass update to sync current email address with old tournaments.


Sweet so I’ve only ever used one email so this is every tournament I’ve run on there?