IFPA 17 - Any news yet?

Hi it still shows as November 11-14th 2021 on the website but is this still likely the case? We seem to be doing ok now in the UK but not too sure on the rest of the world. I have been waiting and holding off from booking anything (as im sure others have) for an update but still nothing yet. is there some news or a decision likely to be made soon?
Cheers, Andy

Great timing on this post as the CDC released some great news for the US today regarding the safety of those vaccinated with respect to mask wearing, social gatherings, etc.

Very interested if this new CDC recommendation will accelerate a “yes” vote from the SCS reps within the US. Not sure about the rest of the world as I haven’t kept up with the global news.

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There’s likely to still be an issue regarding some countries where even players who were able to attend IFPA would be compelled to quarantine for 14 days upon returning home. I suspect a lot of those affected would not be willing to endure the extra two weeks for IFPA. Some professional sports players have done it, like Hideki Matsuyama who won the Masters. Others have not been willing, even for much more money than the winner of IFPA would get. Last I saw, Australia, New Zealand and Japan were among those staying pretty well shut down for months to come yet with mandatory quarantines for returnees in place. So it’s not just “can they come?” it’s also “what else must they go through if they do?”

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Lol, well I would hazard a bet that competitive players would do quite a lot to compete! Probably best to ask them.

No official news yet. If you’re a participant (especially internationally) and concerned about booking travel, just shoot me an email privately.