I500 bugs

Been playing s bunch of Indy and want to confirm a couple of apparent bugs.

When coming out of Pit Stop there have been times when Change Setup was awarded but not DMD animation was shown. You can hear he music playing but that’s it.

Also when coming out of one of the lesser MBs the Speedway lamp will not be lit in the right orbit. When hitting the right orbit shot it will start a speedway mode.

Anyone else see these. I’m running most recent ROMs that I am aware of.

“You’re gonna need a bigger text box”


lol indeed

As a owner of I500, I’d like to know more about the bugs and idiosycrasies of this game.

Thank you.

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Victory lap ripoff when you advance to first in any other way than passing exactly once from 2nd to 1st, or when you reach 200 laps from any lap award.

Hope your turbo VUK is good or when you start pit MB you’re gonna “see some serious shit”.

The super lightups mode doesn’t exist.

One victory lap awards 200M, two victory laps award 500M, three victory laps award…732M?!

You can somehow get into a situation where you have Change Setup running (you can hear the sound) but you can’t play it.

Souvenirs all award the value of the first one instead of what they display.

There’s more.

Pretty sure all of the points awards in Change Setup don’t actually give you any points. So if you’re ever wondering what to choose, it’s either Light Lock or Light Change Setup :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s true, at least for the 15 mil or 20 mil awards.

But yes, this game is buggier than an old bag of flour, as the kids say.

Let’s all take this time to imagine some good rules for Super Liteups that would make it worth playing.

Maybe for the next two or three waves, you only need to shoot the lite-ups once to complete them instead of four times?