I made the Indianapolis 500 3 billion victory lap shot!

Was playing Indy 500 on TPA a few minutes ago. I wasn’t expecting to get the 3x4 Victory Lap, the closest I had ever gotten was 3x2 (I always missed the Speedway & Liteups Victory Laps). But today, everything just worked out perfectly for me and I made one of the most difficult shots in pinball.

I know it’s on the digital version and not as difficult in real life but still, I never thought I’d see the day where I see this…



Dang! @KCB has an ongoing $500 for anyone to do this in real life.

I’m surprised it says 3,000,000,000… I thought there was a bug where it started showing hexadecimal?


I bet it wouldn’t display correctly IRL. I also bet we’ll never know.

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If this is any indication the hexadecimal glitch might have been fixed in later ROMs.

I’m not going to lie, I saw this thread and almost had a heart attack. :slight_smile:


I want my unannounced $10 bounty now, please. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we sure it’s not showing hexadecimal? What are the awards for this thing?

So here’s a write up of what I did to get this Victory Lap. The way I went towards it might have something to do with why the hexadecimal glitch wasn’t shown here.

  • Laps were my biggest priority and I aimed to get those out of the way, mostly through shooting the right ramp and collecting laps along with Advance Speedway if 3x Scoring was lit to start.
  • I waited on completing the Stupid Liteups until I had obtained all of the appropriate Souvenirs and I was in a Multiball mode. I wanted to avoid shooting the upper left Liteup during normal play because in the TPA version, the target has a tendency to rebound into the center hole, awarding a victory lap or mode when I wouldn’t want to collect it.
  • Speedways came naturally during gameplay.
  • I manually advanced my position up to 1, without collecting the “Pass 15 Cars” award from Gasoline Alley. This might have been what causes the hexadecimal glitch but even then, I’m not sure.

All Four Victory laps at once with 3X Playfield
(200MM + 300MM + 400MM + 500MM) * 3 = 4,200MM

42 | 00,000,000

42 = 2A in Hexadecimal

2A | 00,000,000 or 2,A00,000,000 or 2.A00.000.000 on the display

I’ve only seen it on the Trailer Tom video review of the game

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On the TPA version (which uses the most recent ROMs, supposedly), the rules for stacking Victory Laps are a little different:

  • One Victory Lap scores 200 million
  • Two Victory Laps scores 500 million
  • Three Victory Laps scores 732 million (Weird, but ok)
  • Four Victory Laps scores 1 billion

I scored the four Victory Lap stack with a 3x multiplier, so it gave me 3 billion, as you see here. Trailer Tom might have been using older ROMs on his machine.

clickbait… zzzzzz


Fair tbh. I don’t think it’s ever been documented though, has it?

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