Hurricane Harvey fundraising tourney donations

I know many of you have already donated money to charities, through the campaign organized by Marcus Trevino, or directly to people impacted by Hurricane Harvey. And for that: thank you! I love the generosity and sense of community in pinball.

For those that are planning to hold a Hurricane Harvey fundraiser or planning to donate individually: something that we’ve been doing within the greater TX pinball community with our charitable giving is providing our $$ donations directly to people in the Houston and Gulf Coast pinball community that had their homes devastated by flooding – and a number of them who did not have flood insurance. I personally preferred donating in this way because I knew 100% of my donation was going directly to someone I know and care about that could use the help.

Note: giving money directly to individuals is NOT tax deductible (at least in the USA – I can’t speak to other countries’ tax rules).

If you would choose to go this route (and I realize that this may not appeal to everyone, given that you may not personally know the people impacted), I’d recommend you reach out to Phil Grimaldi @spraynard or me to get the contact info for those in need. We’ve been using Paypal to send the $$ directly to the individuals.

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