How To Win At Pinball - courtesy of Lifehacker

While reading my daily dosage of Lifehacker this morning I stumbled across this article on Pinball. Enjoy!

I saw this Vox video on my feed yesterday—I’ve never heard scoops called chutes before. Is that a thing?

Also, how’d they manage to leave out nudging of all things? Otherwise, I thought it was great.

That video was posted on the IFPA website recently as well.

I thought the video was good but thought it was interesting that they made sure to get a couple of Supreme shots in there

When they said chutes they specifically meant subways…he then says something like, “the ball goes in those and then kicks out somewhere else”.

Sure wish Stern realized these were a such a major pinball feature …


I read somewhere that Gary Stern feels the idea of a ball entering one place and popping out of another confuses the casuals and increases the perceived difficulty of the game. I personally disagree, but there’s at least some logic behind the lack of subway inclusion in Stern games.

that sounds more like a rationalization of a business decision, than a legitimate pinball philosophy to me.

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That could very well be, but I’ve also seen grown adults spend five minutes struggling to find the lit up, pulsing start button, so perhaps Gary isn’t too far off base.

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