How do I increase the jackpot on Swords of Fury?

How do I increase the jackpot on Swords of Fury?

Each game the jackpot starts at a value between 1.5M - 4M, depending on how many games were played without it being collected. I believe once the jackpot gets collected once, the value drops to 500K for all players for the rest of the game without a way to increase it.

I was recently in a match play situation where I needed a win on SoF to advance. The score to beat was 12.5M and I was going into ball 3 with about 3M. After about 10-12 multiballs and a bunch of 500K jackpots I finished just over 11M. Probably the longest ball of competitive pinball I’ve ever had. The whole time I was thinking to myself “there HAS to be a way to increase this piddly jackpot”. If there is, I still haven’t figured it out.

The real kicker is that P1 scored the first jackpot at 1.5M, which I didn’t have a chance for. After that match I don’t think I’ll feel the need to play SoF again for a few years.


Ugh, thanks. That is LAME, but I guess it makes me feel moderately better about not being able to figure it out over the course of many games last night.

Sorry about the miserable tournament experience, I hate drudgerous games list that.

That match was boring, but it definitely showed that you have a nearly infinite amount of patience!

When I put my SOF in competition I set the jackpot ‘grow value’ to the lowest setting. I then collect the jackpot so it resets to 500k. It might jump up to 1m after that but it takes FOREVER to grow after that. I think I have played…like 50 games and it is still at 1.5. Ha.

It’s adjustment #40. I set it to 1k. Which means I believe it only goes up by 1k every game. Then I set jackpot to hard. Seems to work pretty well.

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There is also a ball stealing issue for mutli ball. So I think single player is best for this. It really doesn’t take any longer to play the games, you don’t have to deal with ball lock steals and the jackpot evens out…thats that i think anywho

I thought I read SOF has an automatic jackpot increase (+1M) when credits hit 0 (Cyclone does exactly the same thing). You can combat this by taking it off of free play and setting a ridiculously low replay score (100K or whatever).

Opinions vary on lock stealing. Pinburgh has gone back and forth. It affects some games more than others. My personal opinion is that SOF lock stealing is fairly negligible in terms of impact given how easy it is to lock balls. This contrasts with other game like EATPM and especially Fire! which I now despise because of it.

I’m going to try some experiments to see how SOF can perform the best in tournament settings. In the end you just have to play good…hahah

Does anyone know if there is a “Novelty” mode on this one? On Jokerz, you set it to that in order to force the Jackpot at the highest value at all times, that way it’s equal for all players. Both are System11B games, so I’d think the option would be there.

I think it was “Novelty” mode, anyway… it’s been about a year since I last owned a Jokerz so my memory is a bit foggy.

Adj 60 installs novelty but all it affects is extra balls and replays for HS. Nothing about jack[pot. Adj 40 changes how fast the jackpot grows but it doesn’t equalize it. As soon as I get over this wicked cold I will do a test game to see if it comes in close. I feel like I sent it to grow at 1k and it was so close that it didn’t matter much. Within the game once collected it stayed pretty even.

And maybe that’s the best plan of action. cash it in at the start so it is 1.5m then it’ll be pretty close for everyone. Or first one to cash in the jackpot wins which could be an advantage to going first.

Whole other level…ha

So I heard SOF was used in the tournament at Pinfest. Does anyone know how it was set up? Always interested in the best way to set it up for competitive play. AND how the game faired at the tournament

Not sure how it was set up (I’ll have to defer to others), but here are the scores that were logged for qualifying:

It was used a few times during the knockout portion:

So, how exactly is the jackpot increased on this game? As course of the gameplay.

And what behaviour of the jackpot value would be optimal for SOF used in competition?

It increases incrementally after a game has finished. It’s a op setting how much it goes up each game. Basically it’ll go up every game untill someone collects it.

Once collected. It goes down go like 250k or so until the end of the game. No way to increase it in game