How come I don't see much data-mining for pinball?


So let’s data mine Medieval Madness a bit. I just scored a 51M barnyard multiball by basically shooting the best shot that I could from whatever feed I had. I’d see barnyard jackpots between 300K and 1.1M flash on the display. Does anyone know how scoring works in this mode. All playfield lamps flash ‘frenzy’ style so there’s no indication of what to aim for.


There was a location rat guy that played in league who practiced the super duper and got noticeably better at it. I’d guesstimate his success rate at somewhere between 20 and 40%. On a good league night, with one flip at EB’s, he would sometimes do two in a single game. He almost always made the first part and when he missed the second part, it wasn’t by much. All you could do is shake your head. Don’t believe it’s worth more the second time.


Farsight’s Pinball Arcade says MMBYMB jackpots start at 150k and every switch hit adds 75k. Value resets when collected.


That could be fun to do for a learning exercise! :slight_smile:

But seriously, it seems our information on the game is…less than adequate. For a game of its depth, its seemingly straightforward though!