How am I possibly the first person to paste this link here.



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I’m holding out for Quicksilver with a Weird Al re-skin.


I think I’d rather play/buy a Seawitch … and still be able to afford one each of a Gazer, Quicksilver, Meteor, etc. with all my leftover cash.



The playfield tweaks are pretty cool. Interested to see what they do with the rules, especially given that it still has the ‘X’, etc lights from Seawitch



I know I may be in the minority here, but I think this will be a big hit for Stern and will sell out VERY quickly.


Dibs on #1964

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It will sell to those that bought TNA game.

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People have WPPR-itis and Stern-itis, Win-Win!!!
Stern is smart and capitalizing on the current Pinball climate. I’d be doing that too if I were them.


Kinda underwhelming considering when you say “Beatles pinball” I automatically think of yellow submarines and all the headier stuff. This kinda reminds me of the Elvis game, aesthetically.


I have no doubt this’ll do well for Stern. It’ll be crazy expensive, it’s not for tournament players, and not for location play. The fact that this was announced days after Expo tells you who it’s NOT for. But the market is there. It’s the Supreme pin ratcheted up a notch.

As a Beatles fan, it’s crazy disappointing, though. It’s very ugly, and just a shame that THIS is what a Beatles machine amounts to. Apparently it only has 5 songs, too, which tells me that the license is just way too expensive to scale into a major (standard) release.

Oh well.

Well. As a Beatles fan, I have been dreading this moment. I guess I have a different view on dream themes and what I like to see adapted to a pinball machine.

But I am delighted, as this is just about as positive as it could turn out, the way I see it.

Granded it is bit heavy on the purple and cyan side. It has to pop I guess.

Interesting. The video do not reveal the display. Only that it is not the four corners model.

First satisfying chuckle of the day. Thank you sir :smiley:

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If this was that rumored “Million dollar license”… man, what a waste. Everyone has been clamoring for a classic Stern remake, but this? Also heard a rumored price tag of 15k for the diamond edition.

Out of all the music license pins, the Beatles don’t get an original PF?! What the Pabst!?!

Blew all the money on the license and couldn’t afford to pay for a new early SS playfield?

I believe this is an excelent and wise move by Stern/KaPaw. A highly unique and limited product catering a license that suits this well.

They test the grounds for relaunching old style tables. Will it work? How affordable is it? Has the layout standed the test of time? What are our options for upgrades? Plus now they have all the work done and payed for for a Seawitch vault sometime down the stream.

I always thought, that if and when they where to do it, these old tabels would be relaunched with upgrades/gimmicks. Multiball at least. And I foresee an amusing debate over whether these are a “classic” or a “modern”. I vote the latter.

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I’m withholding judgment till I can at least play the new rules. I’m not a Beatles fan, nor do I like the color choices (and I usually like lots of colors), but I really won’t care about those negatives if it’s a fun rule set that keeps me coming back for more.