Housing for OBX Flippers Pinball Bash 2

Are you a procrastinator and a pinball fan?

Are you planning on participating in the Flippers Pinball Bash 2 in OBX, but either have no place or an uncool place to stay that you can get out of and want to upgrade?

Do you want to share a house with some awesome Pittsburghers?

We have a house that has a bedroom or two available.

If you would like more info, shoot me a message.

This may be your chance to have a Replogle sing you a lullaby. And it’s much better than being serenaded to the “Housekeeping” song.


Who all is coming?

Team Replogle and Team Hendricks

If you hear of anyone Keith, let them know.


I wish I was going to OBX just for this. :laughing:


So bummed we can’t make it this year.

Hope you can make it in future, flippers is a great place for pinball .

Yeah, we were the Hendricks’ roommates last year!

I can’t make it, i will be way to busy running the local event here in florida.

Have a great event.

you do the same… maybe one year we can sort out not having events on the same weekend.