Hobbit menu , adjusting replay value

Am I overlooking something in the menu on Hobbit? I don’t seem to be able to adjust the replay value from the setting of 410,000. I have a player who comes in and plays for two hours with a buck, routinely getting scores over 1.5 million ( he walked away with 5 games on the machine the other day) I adjusted to extra ball rather than free game, but I don’t like that either. I would like him to win a free game but want to make him work harder to do so…

Maybe the way you try changing it ? I just did it on mine.

Also in settings, set replay to AUTO and scores go up or down automatically depending on what people are getting.

LTG : )

Replay Boost is a % increase once a replay level is reached. You can limit to 1 replay level per game. Lets go with yoru Level 1 is 410 and the boost is 50%, The next game replay level is 605, 3rd 902, … you can also set the 410, to be 600 or 800 for starters. Reset logic to return the replay to level 1 varies on different games, sometimes it steps back the next game. or next day, or after x number of games played. There are also audits to show how many time each replay level was reached so you can monitor every few days and adjust either the start value, the Boost, or how many replays you want per game.

I’m using 1.9. setting for replay is either off or auto (no manual). The area for the score is grey (disabled) no matter which way I have it set.

You cannot adjust the replay. The replay sets its value based on the %age you set it to and actual game data. I.e. if within the last 500 (or so) games, the 50th-place score is right around 410K.

If you want to set fixed score values, use score awards.

Keep in mind, the game is just setting its replay to what your other patrons have driven the value to. It sucks that one person can vulture a bunch of replays, but overall the replay % should be pretty accurate to the setting.

Punishing that player with a high replay value basically makes it impossible for everyone else, too.

If you want to keep using the auto replay feature, consider setting the percentage lower I guess.

All that being said, you’ve sparked me into thinking of an idea to handle problems like this that I may implement sometime.


Thank you for your input Keith.

I figured out the score awards , to me though it felt like a work around. Issued 3 tiers, first two are audits , third free game at 1.25 with boost applied.

All the other games I operate let’s you set the replay, and then has the temporary boost (WOZ excluded). I’m wondering why the need to take that element out of the most sophisticated game menu system ever was exactly.

Is it possible to add logic about match awards , in particular this fellow won a free game with replay, then scored grand champion, and then matched … I was like what the heck ! He already won two and now gets a match ! I’m gonna go broke on this guy :). At least on WOZ with the knocker in the cabinet I can’t hear all the free games being won …lol

Thanks again!