High Stakes Tourney $4K Guaranteed For 1st


This all sounds terrific. Thanks for building the scene!


Chris Compton has been known to play $100 games. Hell, I’ve seen him bet $50 on the outcome of a game he wasn’t even playing in!


I wonder if section 8 of the IFPA / PAPA rules has ever been enforced?


I’m always trying to get people to gamble on pinball. The closest I’ve come is at pinburgh. We each picked like 5 players and at the end we added the finishing positions of the 5… lowest score wins.


Section VIII, Player Conduct? Which part of it?


Section 3.8, I think?

  1. Wagering or Gambling
    Please note that gambling is illegal in our venue and the tournament does not endorse, condone, nor support wagering between players. We also feel that pinball is at least 75% skill-based, making any wagering at best ill-advised, in addition to being illegal.


That one was an evolution that, at least on the Replay Foundation side, is now completely avoided by the fact that we no longer pay out at the event. But people used to ask us to redo the split for them, or to re-write the check amounts! Some people made it on to my shit list over requests like that, and became the driving force for that rule.

But if you mean dollar games and the like, that’s not the intent of that rule.


It did help invent the “after tax split” :slight_smile:


I generally assumed the rule needed to be their like in all sports, to prevent making money by throwing games. Chicago can’t handle another major scandal like that.


And all this time you thought @pinwizj was really losing


Shhhhh . . . this brand new car didn’t pay for itself :slight_smile: