Help us expand The Sanctum in CT Kickstarter. 48 hours left!

We’ve been hosting weekly open nights to the public with games on freeplay for a year now in our little co-op and the traffic has grown to large for our 30 games in 1000 sq ft warehouse. We have a 2200 sqft unit below us lined up and are asking the community for help to make the move happen. We’ve been doing this out of our pocket and in our spare time up until now.

In just over a day we are close to our goal. We have several stretch goals we could do if the support is there as well such as weekly streaming of league nights and even our 24 hour final battle marathon tournament. Also stream tech nights when I am working on the games.

Hope everyone likes the rewards. And hope to see anyone who can make it some week at The Sanctum. If you’re ever in the area let me know and I’ll try and open up for you.


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Here’s the KS link:

Sanctum Pinball Expansion on Kickstarter

Consider adding the stretch goals to the KS page. Or does that only happen when the original goal is met?

I know it hasn’t been very long, but also consider posting an update on your project page. KS backers love updates. Or so I hear.

Thanks for the link. Not sure why putting the page link up on the forums automatic my just creates a link to the video only embedded.

I never would of guessed it would happen this quickly. I’m going to post an update tonight and look into how to add the stretch goals

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Goal hit in 48 hours! Amazing. Thanks so much to everyone. We just posted up a stretch goal for permanent live streaming setups so we can do weekly broadcasts of our leagues, fun nights and tech nights. Mini if you will :smile:

Few hundred shy of our live streaming goal. We will be sure to give everyone countless hours of entertainment! :slight_smile:

Just spoke with The Record Journal. They contacted us about running a follow up story to what they ran this past winter about our expansion and kickstarter. Hope to see the article up tomorrow.

Here is the original article they ran.


In a weeks time we reached the stretch goal of a live streaming setup! Now everyone will be able to enjoy everything we do here even if you can’t be here.

For our next stretch goal if we get to 8000$ we will upgrade our announcement system of a bullhorn and small TV screen. We’d love to upgrade to a PA system for better communication with all our players when all the games are running and swap out the TV for a projector to fit all players standings and info on the wall during our events and tournaments.

We are so thrilled with all the support and can’t wait to present the new Sanctum to everyone.

Article ran in this Sunday’s paper about our expansion.

Here is the original article they ran this winter:

Hit the 8K stretch goal. Stretch Goal 3 goes up tonight! 14 days left to go still!!

We’ve hit our last goal again with plenty of time left! Thanks again for all the help.Our
next goal is $10,000 to setup up a repair and maintenance shop. Our
hope is to have enough spare parts and tools on hand with all the proper
tools to get games back online as soon as they go down. We don’t want
to have any downtime on games. We know how much that bums everyone
out. We have been working with a lot of our part vendors to help us out
with keeping fresh parts on hand and keep these games running in top
shape consistently. This combined with our streaming setup we can do
regular tech nights to help everyone to learn how to repair there own
games and start doing local repair nights for the community in the

48 hours left!