Help raise money for IFPA and POP!

The International Flipper Pinball Association and Pinball Outreach Project are teaming up on a GoFundMecampaign to try and raise some funds for both the POP charity and the Women’s World Pinball Championship.

In 2016 the International Flipper Pinball Associated crowned the world’s first Women’s World Pinball Champion. Featuring the top 16 ranked women from around the world, we’re excited to announce that the 2nd annual championship has been scheduled for March 2017.

We’re reaching out to the community to try and help increase the prize money for the eventual Women’s World Pinball Champion. Currently the prize pool is made up solely of entry fees from the competitors resulting in a $400 prize to the winner. Our goal is to try and at least double that prize through this fundraiser.

We are teaming up with the Pinball Outreach Project who’s mission has been to improve the lives of children by sharing the history and excitement of the game of pinball.

POP has done this through:
– Bringing the game of pinball directly to children in hospitals, schools and community centers
– Making pinball accessible to children by offering a family friendly venue to play free pinball.
– Spreading awareness of our mission by hosting fundraisers and tournaments.

The money generated by this fundraiser will go a long way towards helping both organizations.

Our plan is a simple 50/50 fundraiser, so every dollar donated will go 50% to POP and 50% to the Women’s World Champion prize.

Let’s raise a bunch of money for POP and give our next Women’s World Champion a prize to be excited about!

Visit the GoFundMe page at:


Not just one, but two great causes!


Quick question re: the women’s championship. Is the 2017 championship going to be based on overall WPPR ranking, or just 2016 WPPRs? I think you should clarify on the IFPA site. Also, as a typical dude, I am going to thrown in my opinion and say I think it should be for calendar points and not overall!

I think it’s pretty clear on the Women’s Championship page:

Similar to the IFPA WC, it’s based on the overall WPPR rank as of 1/1/17.

The only thing we use calendar year accumulation of points for is SCS, which by design isn’t supposed to be a “ranking” of players, but rather an open qualification process of point hoarding so people of lesser skill levels have a chance to qualify by simply playing more than anyone else.

The Women’s World Championship by design is meant for the best women players in the world. IMO basing this on world ranking rather than who accumulated the most points during the year is a better reflection of who the best women in the world are at that point in time.

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It became clearer after updating the dates on the site :wink:

Just crossed 50% of our goal in 3 days! Thanks for those that have donated so far!

Current Women’s World Champion prize --> $601.50 and counting

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Spooky just sponsored again for $250 to the Women’s World Champion prize . . . figured we might as well give this campaign another go!

Updated link for anyone interested in donating:


Since POP is a 502©(3) and IFPA is not, how does this funding break down. Does this become a donation from the IFPA to POP which in turn helps the IFPA from a tax perspective?

I am trying to weigh the benefits of going through this gofundme vs donating directly to POP, or trying to do an out of band funding to the IFPA for Women’s National. I figure others might have similar questions which is why I am posting here and I am happy to talk offline about my specific situation

You have it exactly right. The funds technically go from ‘donator’ to ‘IFPA’ . . then ‘IFPA’ to ‘POP’ . . . so I get the tax break on the donation.

People are welcome to do whatever they want outside of this gofundme campaign. Last year I had a few “secret donators” that simply sent me a check in the mail to sponsor the Women’s Championship. They can then donate to POP at their own leisure and get the tax benefit for themselves.

Time to setup IFPA as a non profit, i could get matching contribution for my $1 :slight_smile:

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Just donate twice as much as you’d usually, will save work for Josh. :grin: