Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


I don’t think there are any reasonable alternatives. It is really hard to get 3 video modes however. I think it was around 40s from start to drain when I got the video mode on one shot. So I think you can start 3, but might not get to finish the third.

I think 6X (then immediately drain) has a chance of competing. But too unreliable. I was trying for 6X video mode, but never managed to get it going. Don’t even know if the multiplier works on video mode.


Yes, I was wondering too whether it’s possible to finish the third one. If someone tries, it raises some interesting scoring issues Suppose I do start video mode on ball three, but the two minutes are up while I’m still zapping ghosts. How to determine the score? It’s not shown while video mode is running. So, what am I to do as a player when in that situation as the time runs out? Take the hands off the buttons and then whatever score I end up with stands? Or is it the last visible score prior to me having entered video mode?

Might be good to have answers to these questions before the comp, rather than during the comp…

I have no idea either whether 6x video mode is possible. Anyone know?


I do find the idea of figuring out these interesting strategies a fun byproduct of this format :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see how people attack these things!


Hands up at 2 minutes . . . you can then allow the game to make as much progress as it can on it’s own.

I’m assuming that goes something like - you die in Video Mode - ball kicks out and drains - end of ball bonus - DONE


Cool, as long as that’s understood before the comp starts. You may have to think about the penalty for not taking hands off immediately and trying to just get that one last shot in…





Save it for season 2!

Your red button does not help the Two Minute Drill challenge . . . we need Karl to build up the ‘cut the power’ to the flipper switches after 120 seconds box :slight_smile:


If a player is using headphones and cant hear the 2minute hands off statement, then what?

Highly suggest something like this.


Not my problem … Make sure they aren’t noise cancelling or face the doom of the red card.


Red button kills flipper! Or better, a trap door under the players!!!


This. Part of me hopes that everyone keeps their ideas and strategies to themselves on these speed run ideas, just so everyone viewing (like me) gets to have more of those live “Whoa!” moments as you witness and learn something you hadn’t thought of before.


Most definitely. Cashed in a 300M video mode once. :slight_smile: But I don’t know if the multiplier timer was running or paused during video mode.


I’m hoping for that too, although there are some obvious strategic choices that I know Zach plans on “helping” with in terms of casual players participating.

The idea of going after Escape from Boba Fett if you DON’T choose Han as your character, especially if it involves two random Buck Hunter players that signed up for Heads-Up on site, would be a DISASTER :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah. I love and hate that you can score 354M points by flipping 2 or 3 times.


But those are 3 incredibly skillful and accurate flips, along with a ridiculously tough skill plunge (and perhaps judicious nudge), and ability to control the chaos after hitting not one, but two standups.


The interesting thing about GB video mode is that you can (theoretically) continue to kill ghosts long after you’ve let go of the flipper buttons.

Your beam will automatically capture the next ghost (if it’s close enough) as soon as it has killed one. Additionally, if your beams were in the middle when the time ran out, they could just accidentally kill ghosts on their paths back out to the edges of the screen.


I’ve given this considerable thought …

I can see where you’re coming from with Survivor etc. (in relation to setting the machines to only 3 balls)

I watch a lot of sports, and one of the things people love is a comeback. A comeback would be nigh on impossible with having to start a new game when you’re playing a great player.

Scenario: lock three balls on Aerosmith.

Imagine if player one is a great player and player two is average … let’s say Bowden vs me lol. Bowden goes through the motions and locks two balls on his first two balls. Meanwhile I’m flailing around and have one ball locked in three balls. I’m done, I have to start again, contest over, that’ll be some boring viewing.

Scenario 2: Imagine if (like Pinmasters) the machines are set to 8 balls (or whatever) and Bowden has 2 balls locked, he’s starting ball 3, I’m starting ball 4 with one ball locked and have a blinder, bang bang bang into the lock lane and multiball starts. Come back from the dead! Boom! Isn’t that better viewing?

I’m comparing Pinball TV with say Darts … that’s a sport which is massive around the world, has big viewership and big $$$ prize pools, and that’s all come from nothing. The best player in the world can get 2x 180s in a row, then miss the board completely (lol) and Bob Smith the nobody from the pub down the road comes back with some sweet shots and takes him out. Great viewing!

My 1c worth anyway. :slight_smile:



First of the “tips” videos that Karl is whipping up. We’ll be using these as part of the stream, but we also want to provide them as a strategy guide for those that may not be aware of how to complete some of the challenges.


Whipping up? More like busting his ass off to finish in time! These take much longer than they should as I’m learning After Effects as I go.

Always open to feedback here if anyone has any suggestions. Ghostbusters set is up next.