Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


I ran through the GB ones. My best times are:
1: 60.13s
2. 80.17s
3. 19.1s (33.03s without skill draining)
4. 74.24s
5. 129,687,860

Commentary. Scene should be set to not continue on next ball, to prevent the skill drain. Collect super is maybe still too easy. 2 minute drill is not good on GB. That score is a 2 video mode score. I could not get the 3 Video mode pulled off, but the best I did on modes was 84M, so video mode drain is king. 6X strategies might have a chance to compete.

If anyone want to compete / compare. I have setup a google form to collect people’s best home attempts. If no one uses it, that is fine too.



I jumped on our weekly talk show Buckin’ Around to talk up the Heads-Up Championship to the BBH audience.

Anyone that’s interested can check it out here:


12 people signed up for far!


Agreed, though having a super-fast target isn’t so bad. But yes, it can be done in only 4 shots…

  • Slimer
  • Green Shot
  • Left Ramp

It can even be done in 2 shots by selecting the Tobin skill shot and getting the right random award. Bumpers could actually make this possible in one shot!



I think Tobin skillshot is not available, it will be start mode. I need to check current audits (or someone could ask Dwight), but it didn’t use to be a pop award, and it did not seem to be awarded in tournament mode from Tobin’s. I have not checked audits on 1.13.

There is still reasonable risk reward. If you go Slimer approach and get right ramp, it is harder. If you accidentally hit Slimer twice, you are in trouble. It is a fun frantic 30 seconds.


are 2 of them you and Zach? :slight_smile:




So you are excluded from participating? :frowning:


I won’t be there. First halloween weekend for the kids at our new house/new neighborhood. (Hall pass denied)

Zach will be there but his flight leaves before the tournament will end, so he’ll be sitting this one out.

We both are not martyrs and will continue to play in events that we organize as often as we can … Because it’s awesome :slight_smile:


I wish I could attend this – I think it’s great trying out new concepts.
Unfortunately, I can’t attend. I don’t even need to ask for the hall pass: my wife already has plans that weekend, and I’m responsible for the kids.


Will rebooting be allowed? Will quick restart be enabled?

With ball savers turned off there are some situations where I feel like an early restart can help save time.


If I have my preference quick restart will be disabled, but rebooting would be allowed just because that situation sounds entertaining to me. I’ll defer to Zach/Doug/Karl since I won’t actually be there.


Hmm – think I’ll do some speedruns to these goals on my GB pro tonight on Twitch. Should be fun to see what kind of times I can put up and compare them to the real thing after the tournament.


Don’t forget to jack the legs up and turn off the ball saver :slight_smile:


I’m not messing with the legs but I will turn off the ball saver. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to speak on behalf of @kdeangelo and his equipment, but I’m going to venture and say cameras will be in the way and I don’t want people rushing to reach to the backbox and turn games off and knocking over cameras…so yeah, restarting and rebooting will NOT be allowed.


Agreed. The player always has the option of plunge draining to end a game (kinda) quickly.


I think it would be funny to put the game of coindrop. You start with a service credit. You want to restart, you need to fumble around with 4 quarters and pay.


Knock over my cameras…INSTANT DQ :wink:

My plan is to have all cameras for each set of games in-between both games so yes, agree with Zach and Doug, no power cycling.


So the reasons for not allowing rebooting are clear, but why not quick restart?


I think it’s just kind of lame. If you have a house ball 1, it would clearly be advantageous to just restart EVERY TIME to give yourself ‘3 balls’ instead of ‘2 remaining balls’ to chase the task down.

There’s no real sacrifice with the restart, versus what Doug mentioned, intentionally draining out your game where there’s a moment of “What is Tim doing??” . . . and then explaining that with 1 ball to go on the game and where you were at towards reaching your goal, that a fresh 3 balls was worth the time sacrifice of draining out ball 3 on the existing game to reach that task.

Just my $.02 . . . but I’m also not going to be there so YMMV for sure on this one :slight_smile: