Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


Details coming very VERY soon . . . in the meantime, figured Tilt Forums was a good place to reach out for the official “Challenge” list that we’ll be using. If you have any good ideas for challenges that will take 1-3 minutes, let’s hear them!

Games being used will be Ghostbusters Pro, Aerosmith Pro, Star Wars Pro.


Ghostbusters: Defeat Scoleri Brothers
Most Ghosts caught within time limit
Highest Proton Pack/River of Slime collect within time limit
Aerosmith: Light (and collect!) a VIP pass


Aerosmith: Start and complete Walk This Way mode
Aerosmith:Get two Elevator Locks
Star Wars: Get 25 tie-fighters
Star Wars: Collect any shot at 20X value
GB:Start Don’t Cross the Streams and score at least 30 million
GB:Collect a Gear Hurry-up over 20 million


Here’s what we have so far . . . each game will have “Two Minute Drill” as one of the options, and then we’ll have 4 game specific challenges.

Star Wars:

  • Start Tie Fighter Multiball
  • Start Hyperspace Multiball


  • Capture 20 ghosts
  • Start Storage Facility Multiball


  • Start Toy Box Multiball
  • Star Love in the Elevator Multiball
  • Light one of the 2X multiplier shots (player choice)


For Ghostbusters, score a super jackpot is a cool challenge. You can try to do it via scoleri, via clean up slime. You could skill shot a mode, drain and then skill shot the ramp. Could do it via captive balls.

I would probably skill shot dog, try to start scoleri so if I drain Incan skill shot ramp. But fastest is probably hit ghost, hot Slimer, hit green shot, hit ramp.


Zach and I were discussing this today, and I thought I saw on a stream that a player got “Light Super Jackpot” out of the first jet bumper mystery award.

“Collect a Super Jackpot” was on the list originally . . . needs to be vetted out by anyone that has had enough time on Ghostbusters (I have not). Just want to make sure there’s no exploitable back door way to doing it “quickly unfairly”.


People love to see death saves and bang backs. Just sayin.


Is the “2 minute drill” option just “get as many points as possible in 2 minutes”?

The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame put on a tournament like that when they inducted Slash’s GnR machine and it was a blast; can’t wait to see more events like that!

I think “Finish any 2 modes” could be a good goal on GB.


Registration is now OPEN!

Details available at: https://www.ifpapinball.com/headsup/

Someone is walking away with a NIB Aerosmith Pro . . . could it be you? :slight_smile:


Updated Challenge list (subject to change of course):

Star Wars:

  • Start Tie Fighter Multiball
  • Start Hyperspace Multiball
  • Start Video Mode
  • Reach Jedi Training - Jedi Level
  • Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  • Capture 20 ghosts
  • Start Storage Facility Multiball
  • Collect Super Jackpot
  • Complete 2 modes
  • Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


  • Start Toy Box Multiball (player chooses what level)
  • Star Love in the Elevator Multiball
  • Light one of the 2X multiplier shots (player choice)
  • Collect Extra Ball award
  • Two Minute Drill (most points after 2 minutes)


This would be a very exciting risk/reward type of challenge! You get a maximum of 2 minutes (or maybe just 1 minute?), but only get recorded on your FIRST Proton Pack collect. Lot’s of game tactic choices here:

  • trap up and wait for your opponent to make a move, and see what they cash in at.
  • calmly lay down a nice collect, and force your opponent to stress out over how much yours was, as you step away from the machine.
  • how many more ramp loops do to you go for until you finally cash in your Proton pack collect?
  • As time is running out, do you shoot the ramp one more time before cashing in, and risk the timer running out?


IMO too confusing to monitor and follow. Outside of “total score after two minutes”, these will all be achievement challenges. Very easy to show the progress being made towards “The Thing”, and then the player hitting “The Thing”.


Shoot one thing (L ramp) as many times as you can, followed by an immediate shot to one other thing (L target bank) is too confusing to follow? :confused:

I will give you that the Proton Pack score achieved is only displayed briefly on the screen, vs a persistent display of score from other score-based option of 2-minute drill. So that probably disqualifies it as an option.


Your second paragraph is exactly where my thoughts were.

Plus the idea of watching the other player and seeing their progress . . . we’re not sure which way the games are even being faced (maybe they are back to back). The idea of both players cradling for an extended period of time waiting for someone to ‘act first’ also doesn’t seem very exciting to me.


I present exhibit Q to be entered into evidence:


LMAO . . . I have no idea what I just saw, but it needs @Funtorium on the mic for it :slight_smile:




Aerosmith: Complete Same old Song and Dance mode (this can be done in <30 secs )


And if you don’t . . .?

While I can understand the strategy of restarting a game, or even rebooting it . . . I don’t actually like that idea as part of gameplay for this thing.


You just shoot the scoop to restart the mode. your progress is saved.

It’s the only mode I can think off the top of my head which ends immediately when 8 shots are collected, saves your progress, and crank it up helps complete it faster.