Heads-Up Pinball Championship . . . 2018? 2019?


Would be nice to see the IFPA Heads-Up Feature Set™ added to some of the newer Sterns. With the intuitiveness that the LCD screen offers, we shouldn’t have to use a stop watch or watch frames of an animation.

Example Aerosmith
Enable Heads-Up , Choose Goal, 6 Ball Toy Box Selected, Select Timeout of 4 minutes. Enable 5 second countdown timer to begin.

If I don’t have the luxury of having two NIB pins, you could still run this in standalone mode for qualifying or fun events.


i loved the format, lots of fun and playing in unorthodox methods with shortest, but most managed time in mind really changed the way you had to play. it really helped having the same titles set up on the floor for us to practice and try new things out in between rounds. i also like it when the “REFS” say out loud whats going on. if i know zach has 2 balls locked on batman and i only have one, im gonna do some off the wall alley passes and back hand attempts due to time constraints. FUN!


Quick announcement we posted on the IFPA site . . .but we’re adding a NIB Stern Star Wars Pro to the prize pool next year thanks to our growing pool of corporate sponsor dollars!

While we would like to pride ourselves on running 100% payback events, screw that, we’re going 200% payback! :slight_smile: