Headed to Buffalo

In about a month I’ll be headed to Buffalo, (actually Amherst but close enough) for work. Last time I was in town for one night I made sure I got over to Pocketeer and I had a great time. This trip I’ll have two nights and I was wondering if there is another location I should be checking out other than Pocketeer?

I don’t need 70 pins, if there’s a great bar with a handful of tables, that’s great too. Main thing is I won’t have a car so I’ll be relying on Lyft or Uber for transportation. Thanks!

I’m biased, but I’d highly recommend Community Beer Works (7 pins and amazing beer).


CBW is the new hotness. Barrel Factory is another newer spot with solid pins, and Misuta Chows is a must IMO, especially if you’re into classic arcade games as well.

Bunch of places to play here: https://buffalopinball.com/where-to-play/