Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 72 – Jack Guarnieri from JJP and Dr John! (and Roger Sharpe)


Expo roundup with Krystal Gemnich, Jeff Teolis, Steve Bowden and even more special guests!!!

And if that’s not enough have a listen to our interview with Josh Kugler from American Pinball on Oktoberfest


Raymond shares all his secrets to becoming the current #1


Joe Kaminkow joins us again, this time to clear things about about the new Beatles Pinball machine. Enjoy!!


Franchi is back to talk about chalupas. And Beatles.


Posting episode from last week as the site was down at the time.

Dave Peck (rotordave) joins us for a chat and we respond to FaceBook questions.


One of our most enjoyable interviews with Chris Granner whom was responsible for the sound packages for some of the best pinball machines ever!!

  • Right place at the right time
  • Williams employees
  • How to create a music theme for Pinball
  • Connecting shots to sounds
  • Original Theme VS License
  • Chris Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Addams Family call outs
  • Pinsound board
  • Working at Capcom
  • LOTR sounds
  • Deep voices in 90s games
  • Why Chris left Pinball
  • Primus Pinball
  • New JJP code
  • Slam Tilt Podcast
  • Twerpys
  • Social Media watch
  • Slam the top 100
  • Flipout 2018
  • HardQuiz on Pinball
  • Metallica 1.80 update
  • Quicksilver x 2
  • A great WPPRtunity


Where is the latest show notes Martin!


We talk to Jersey jack at Flipout 2018 and Dr John joins us for the episode plus a special update from Roger Sharpe. enjoy.


haha that is EXCELLENT! :slight_smile:


Ahaha couldn’t believe it when I saw it.