Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 52 – How to win Pinburgh with Colin MacAlpine


Josh joins us to talk about Houdini, American Pinball and Game #2. Enjoy.


Gabe from Pintastic joins us to talk about this upcoming event plus the usual pinball news.

  • Pintastic origins
  • Being different to other shows
  • Innovating at shows
  • Ron Hallet trash talk
  • Episode 50 giveaway
  • Iron Maiden first impressions
  • Dutch Go Fund Me (don’t)
  • Alice in Wonderland pinball
  • Machines coming out this year
  • Top 10 Limited edition machines
  • Slam the top 100
  • Rosstown Miracal
  • Houdini impressions
  • Enterprise Amok


Joe Kaminkow joins us for a chat.


We talk about Australia’s biggest tournament and speculate wildly about pinball as usual.


Colin joins us to help Martin win Pinburgh 2018.