Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 101 – CSI: Special Pinball Unit


Competition time - plus there’s a podcast in there somwhere!!!



We get to speak to Gary Stern on this week’s episode, please enjoy!!

  • Gary Stern interview
    • Conquering Asia
    • Lifestyle brand or manufacturer?
    • Pinball connectivity
    • Supreme success / private label machines
    • The Pin
    • Is making pinball hard?
    • Stern makes money!!
    • Vault machines
    • LOTR or Matrix?
    • Pinball hits and misses
    • The tale of Orbitor 1
    • Vodka/Gin
    • Australia
  • Willy Wonka Karl DeAngelo stream
    • Joe’s Thoughts
  • Joe Tips the Top 100 – Game of Thrones
  • Avatar love
  • Leia strat works
  • Pinstadium competition round 2


All we’re saying is there’s money to be spent on pinball.


This week we are joined by the podcasters live from Pinstastic. Enjoy

The pinball podcast panelists at Pinstastic join the show
Before and after podcasting
Hobby vs media
Franchi returns
Machines of 2019
Munsters code
Superman missed opportunity?
Themes for females
Pinball innovation
Pinball connectivity
Pinball on TV
Next lifestyle brand speculation
More giveaways



Episode 99 - Hot Garbage is now ready!!!

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Join us for our 100th episode!!


Episode 101 - CSI: Special Pinball Unit is now available. Enjoy!!