Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 101 – CSI: Special Pinball Unit


Welcome back Ryan!


Colin MacAlpine co hosts the show and is amazing!!


Neil McRae jumps in the co-host chair this week and it was awesome!!!


Can’t wait to listen. Neil was one of my favorite people I met at TPF last year.


Hoping we hear more from him in the future!!


We will again in the future.


Now as a matter of fact!!


Ron Hallett joins as cohost to talk all things Texas Pinball Festival.


@jeff_rivera joins as cohost this week. It’s battle of the podcasters!!!


A fun episode this week discussing the New York pinball scene and other news. Enjoy.



That photo is awesome. Doesn’t even look like Levi was photoshopped in. Good job!


Josh and Scott from the Loserkid Pinball Podcast help deep dive on Willy Wonka and Black Knight Sword of Rage after the streams this week. Check them out.


Joe Lemire cohosts this week and we may even be joined by pinball’s biggest nuisance.


Ryan C joins the show again to determine the greatest Stern machine ever made!!!


I found a place to do an online bracket style system with no login or facebook/google needed. Just an anonamous vote

If you want to spend 20 seconds voting for your favourite Stern:

The vote moves to the next stage each 24 hours.


@rotordave is back and we have alot to discuss!!


Taking a break this week from the podcast. Definitely back next week.


Jimmy Nails joins this week to talk about the Brisbane Masters. Come on!! Our dollar is still below 70 cents US!!!


Joe Lemire joins as cohost again and we have alot to cover!!


Joe is now regular and starts the episode off with some valuable tips to become a better tournament player. it all goes downhill from there.