Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 101 – CSI: Special Pinball Unit


Even more Bowen!!! Plus other stuff.

  • Ryan in Vegas
  • Even MORE AC/DC code updates
  • Chicago Expo drama!
  • TPF predictions
  • Bowen on better Tournaments
  • Bowen on Pinburgh
  • Bowen on hardest opponent
  • Bowen on Death by Pinball
  • Bowen on PAPA tutorials
  • Bowen the professional pinball trainer
  • Bowen on Rules
  • Slam the Top 100
  • TNA issues fixed
  • Ryza’s Rage Tilts
  • Pinball education centre
  • Bruce saves that day


Martin listens to all the Texas Pinball Festival news from Ryan C.


Sort of disappointed that you didn’t do an in-depth feature on the 4th place finisher in B division of the Wizards Tournament. These are the stories the people are hungry for.


You are correct. Hence why we have planned a 2 part series on this very person. Listen out for it.


Episode 36b comes out after the full reveal, the twitch stream, the C2C interview with Keith. We have loads of info to mention beforehand - let’s see if we get it right!! Thanks for looking after Ryan he had a blast!!!


Zach Sharpe joins us for the thrilling conclusion to our 2 part series on Iron Maiden by Stern.

  • Iron Maiden shown!
  • LE sells outs already
  • Did Martin get an LE?
  • Iron Maiden Stream + Future Streams
  • Working with new hires at Stern
  • Unique rules
  • Pinball rules without display
  • Iron Maiden strategy
  • Iron Maiden Art
  • Zach on Tournaments
  • Major correction from Tex Peckerwood
  • New pinball skills
  • Hard Quiz


2 out of 3 Sharpes collected.


Chris Franchi and Mrs Pin join us for a chat and other stuff.


Good interview with Franchi

  • Danni Peck joins us for a chat as does Colin MacAlpine.
  • Danni born into pinball
  • System 11 turdament
  • Pinburgh no show
  • JJP POTC disc issue
  • Raymond #1
  • Shrek is love, Shrek is life
  • Pinball Speed runs
  • Iron Maiden Circle Jerk
  • Gary Stern snubbed for ???
  • Beast/best call outs ever
  • Colin MacAlpine thoughts on IMDN
  • Does Colin save the earth from Annihilation?
  • Sterns Best since 2010
  • Slam the top 100
  • Rage Tilts
  • Bruce is a freak
  • 1st hate mail


David Van Es joins us for a chat. Nice guy and some stories to tell!! Enjoy.


Keefer joins us for an in depth chat - wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus Heighway - boooooo!!!


Andrew is on the show*

  • Andrew Heighway exclusive interview
  • Heighway Pinball discussion
  • John Popaduik
  • How to avoid pinball drama
  • JJP Wonka + Toy Story
  • MMR big screen
  • Stern Beetlejuice
  • Stern Superman 1978
  • Ripe Tide Podcast + Silverballers
  • Pinball Party Bus interview
  • Pinside Petey
  • Slam the top 100
  • Iron Maiden LE Vs Pro
  • Martin 2nd = 1st
  • Balancing LOTR
  • Big Buck Hunter pinball
  • 1st Hate mail
  • Screaming child retraction
  • Pirates competition

*sort of


Zombie Yeti (Jeremy Packer) joins us for a chat - no laughter track required.


Jeremy is a hoot :slight_smile:


The life of a Stern distributor. And apologies for the audio this week - technical issues all night.

  • Lou Ferrigno is a…
  • Dutch Pinball lawsuit
  • John Trudeau arrested
  • Supreme Pinball 10k for 200
  • CGC game #3
  • Heighway Playboy footage
  • Michael from AMD interview
  • Home/operator ratio
  • AU Iron Maiden success
  • Tron Vault Edition
  • JJP influence on Stern
  • Slam the top 100
  • Cooly Classic / RTRv2
  • NYC championship stream
  • Ryan buys new machine
  • SDTM IM stream
  • Mailbag



So now you know!!!


Your friend and now our friend Josh Sharpe joins us for a chat about many pinball things. Enjoy!!

  • Pinball as a Sport
  • WPPRs
  • Tournament exploits
  • Tournament formats
  • Australian state championships?
  • A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P.
  • Raw Thrills
  • Josh’s opinions on new games
  • What makes a good designer/coder
  • Stupid rules that work. Good rules that don’t work
  • Slam the top 100
  • Kai or Khan?
  • Joe Kaminkow interview
  • Ed Robertson shuffle
  • TWIP Podcast - Meltdown podcast
  • Best games from top designers
  • YODA comp results! Keith2Keith
  • Raging for the Queen
  • Hobbit is gone
  • DickSilver
  • Mailbag


Ok, you cannot exclude the picture…