Head2Head Pinball Podcast - Episode 101 – CSI: Special Pinball Unit


I always forget what we promise to link when it’s time to do the show notes!
Also it’s awesome that your kangaroo sack link has more clicks than anything in the episode or the episode itself.

“Cute Scrotum Pouch on a Card”

Cute? haha.
Martin will be at INDISC in a couple of hours with some cute sacks he picked up for you guys :slight_smile:


I’ve created a Todo on our board at Comet Pinball called “Sell Kangaro Scrotums?” Let’s see how long it takes anyone else to notice. :slight_smile:


Aaaaah INDISC, what an amazing event!!! And you get the latest TPF news. Enjoy.


That is some crazy post INDISC sotry there @martymainframe… Can’t believe you actually thought about driving all night to get to Utah O_O


I’m really glad I came to my senses. Cost me my prize money but was absolutely worth it!!!


Back to our regular schedule and timezone.


The man with the best triceps in pinball talks to us.


That Shmeff Shmeolis sounds like a great guy.


He made me laugh.

I felt sullied after the triceps discussion though.


I’ll give you a hint: Jeff T.

No, no. That’s too obvious. Let’s go with J. Teolis.





46% xmen
54% pinbot!

Still a couple days left to vote on Facebook!

We have someone coming on the show this week that will talk about the Oktoberfest as a theme and the person that wanted to do it in the 80s…and that the machine ended up being!


Not giving up easily, are you? :wink:


Next time you do Slam the Top 100, consider doing only one random number. One of you argues for that game…and the other argues for the game ranked one spot lower (then it’s more “even” on how good the game is).

It was entertaining enough to do it again, but try doing 45-60 seconds. 30 seemed way to short!


Great idea!

The only thing is that this way makes for bigger upsets! Pinbot is going to beat Xmen and its a reason for Martin to rub it in my face.

It is 60 seconds each - just in 2 rounds of 30 seconds to give each other a chance to rebut what the person has said


Ryan interviews Jonathan Joosten. Martin competes in a major. And the usual hijinks.


Charlie joins us for a chat about Spooky Pinball and Ben.


BGA joins us for a fun chat!!


I think you might know him here…