Guardians of the Valid Playfield

Kudos to Stern: GOTG seems to validate immediately on the plunge, and if you plunge soft and don’t make it out of the shooter lane, it immediately auto-plunges you. GOTG 0.85 code (using the Competition Install, at least).


Is mode selection still available when you soft plunge to a flipper with zero switch hits? If so, it’s really annoying.

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No. Not that I noticed. And I DEFINITELY noticed it in the pre-0.85 code, and was very annoyed.
First time on 0.85, I short plunge, and didn’t get good control on flipper, so let it drain: “Ball Saved.” Oh, OK Guardians, that’s how you’re gonna play.

Now if only the mode timers would quit counting down in the shooter lane.


So what you’re saying is that when the shooter lane switch gets flaky like they tend to do on location Stern machines, it’s going to eat everyone’s ball saves and prevent mode selection. >.<.


I’m hoping it’s like this in comp mode only. Cause you’re right. That would be annoying.

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Of course, that is the whole reason valid playfield was invented to begin with.


This was my thought and hope as well.

Almost like playing a beta version.

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I thought it was invented pre-autoplunge to compensate for balls sometimes falling out from the shooter lane back into the trough.

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Star Wars already had that!

lol this shit cracks me up.

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Why doesn’t stern just add one more switch at the top of the shooter lane just before the ball enters the playfield? I know validation is kind of a niche issue, but if they made the switch (pun intended) and stuck to it, these tournament-centric issues would disappear.

I was so disappointed to see ghostbusters pro pulled from the A bank last minute at pinburgh for as @bkerins called it “playfield validation shenanigans” ie, hammering the captive ball to light your locks, before you validate.

It’s a combination of everything. Not re-serving balls, not having to trust the shooter lane (as stated, one of the worst switches in all of pinball abuse-wise).

Trusting the shooter lane is a fool’s errand. Nice to use to autoplunge balls or make a cool sound, though.