Guardians of the Galaxy


A lot of the pre-0.93 code had this sort of “confirmation bias” that the DS/Endor stack was the way to go… sure enough, those modes were only worth billions because the values never reset across games. :boom: Kinda looking forward to seeing how the non-DS modes turn out in >=1.00.


Even in earlier code you could blow the game up tons of other ways. That’s part of what I like about it. I haven’t met anyone who knows all the strategies yet, but everyone has some strategy. Better players might have multiple strategies, and can change based on circumstances.


John Galvin got one for Tilt here in Minneapolis. It’s really fun. Luke Nahorniak got there before me to blow the machine up (GC is in the 450+ range, iirc), but I was really happy with putting up 122 million.


Version of code in game?


With the current 0.72 version, is this valid/okay for tournament play (albeit somewhat boring) ? Or is it any discovered broken issues that makes it not possible for tournament play?



It’s basically Aerosmith rules with a different (more fun IMO) layout and theme. Put up around ~360 million and can’t say there’s really anything issue-worthy (other than Groot MB all day perhaps?).


is there a second multiball (like Elevator for Toybox’s Groot)?




Very much this.

Has anyone gotten to either wizard mode yet (not sure if they are in the code at this point)?
I was 1 mode away the other day at my local bar.

I could potentially see this being a fun game but right now I don’t really have the desire to keep playing one more.


I’m highly hesitant to put any pre-1.0 code games in competition anymore. I’ve been burned by bugs and I’ve seen others burned. It sucks because a lot of times one person gets put at a distinct disadvantage, but it’s just a “play on” type of call. You can really walk away from a tournament with rough feelings when a bug ends your run.

I haven’t heard of any issues with Guardians, but those issues have a weird way of manifesting themselves when it matters most.


I qualified the mini wizard mode, all modes and multiballs played, tonight. Right scoop seemed to indicate it was the thing to hit. I got excited, hit it… and got to choose a mode.

No wizard mode yet on what I assume is the latest code.


Agreed. Twice have qualified Mini Wiz mode. Drained immediately first time as I was doing a little victory dance waiting for the mode to spin up… but nothing happened.

Second time, hit the scoop, only to confirm that the MW isn’t coded in yet. Still had an extra ball left so started going for mode completions to get to bigger Wizard Mode, but some of the modes seem near impossible to complete within the constraints of the timer, or without having to re-select the mode 2-3 more times. Maybe combos will help. Not too concerned about it, as code is super underdevloped so far.

In general, not too happy with the game overall so far. Lots of shots you don’t want to hit. the blind area by the left outlane sucks, as several has mentioned. Everything about the Orb shot is currently very frustrating: very drainy, the stand-up often doesn’t register (spike system?), the magnet can create way too much chaos without a ball-save, the multi-ball seems fairly worthless, and there’s no stacking/working on progress for either multiball while in a multiball. The Rocket shot is also irksome, but at least the possibility of double scoring might be enough to redeem it.

But a lot of people playing it up here seem to like it so far, Multiball is easy to obtain and keep going. Plus you can get 32 million for just pressing the action button at the right time to cash in a Double Super Jackpot. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but it’s something.


I’m excited to see what this game looks like at the 1.0 level. By all accounts the layout is a winner, and that’s really the only set in stone aspect of a pinball machine. Code can be tweaked and overhauled. I hope it gets there sooner than later, because I suspect it will be showing up in tournaments and events quite a bit in 2018.


I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that would be a 4x Super. Double playfield + a doubler on the Groot shot. I have not found the left outlane to be obscured at all. Maybe depends on the player’s height and stance. Now once that clear plastic gets filthy and you can’t see through it anymore, that’s might be a problem later on.


A “single” super can be good for 48 million: 2x from Rocket, 2x from the shot multiplier, up to 3x from Groot x 4m. And if you have (ideally upgraded) modes running too, going all Star Wars on the button has been worth over 100m in and of itself.


Combo the single super for another 2X.


I finally had a chance to play tonight, and am incredibly disappointed that shots to Groot don’t validate the play field. While I’m the first to try to take advantage of it, I can’t help bit get annoyed by games that reward the short-plunge this consistently.

Aside from that one glaring issue (and maybe the soundtrack discouraging me from starting a mode), this is a pretty great game.


Another bug - the “/” in credit fractions seems to disappear or not exist. “34 Credits” displays when “3/4 credits” should on the non-emulated DMD version of the screen.

MGS Alert noise

Well, that’s something I’m taking advantage of for now.