Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)

Nice. Assuming that’s insider knowledge on how additive PF X are done at Stern, I’ve learned something new today.

and is there an max or an max when in comp mode like star wars?

There’s the multiplier placed on specific shots as a reward for completing all the missions of a certain color too. Hard to achieve, but potentially lucrative once you earn them

the “3 deep” 2x shot multiplier is essentially a replacement to the combo shot multiplier, they do not interact together. I think of it as “that shot is now permanent in a combo”


So is this correct?
No Rocket, no Groot = 1x playfield
No Rocket, Groot 2x = 2x
No Rocket, Groot 3x = 3x
2x Rocket, no Groot = 2x
2x Rocket, Groot 2x = 4x
2x Rocket, Groot 3x = 5x